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The view from the sky is - for lack of any other word - chaotic, with fully half the wide field of view dominated by either the vast orange spires or the maw-filled void of the Lambda. Small, flying shadow-drones cloud the area, traveling in swarms and converging on the attackers. To the First Forged, they are nothing more than an annoyance and - more importantly, a distraction to the swift Primes, who are apparently attempting to converge on the attacking world.

Both Prima and Vector flit through the air with ease, though even their sibling-leader cannot best Vector in his home domain of the sky. Where Vector dodges, distracts, and teleports his enemies - away, or even into each other - Prima carves, cleaving his way through groups of fiends, doggedly charging his way across the sky-bound battlefield.

"To me, my fighters! We must take the battle to our foe - even if it means joining the fight in the air!"

Prima roars, sword singing as he grimly makes his way toward Unicron's outer-reaches.

"Use your gifts and join in our final, greatest fight for the destiny this world - and ourselves!"

Prima leads the charge, and with a gesture, Vector teleports his brother ahead to meet the next wave. Before stepping through the portal to follow, Vector addresses the network:

"...And those of you without the gift of flight - meet at the following coordinates down below. This is a problem easily remedied."

The location pings down directly below the Lambda and the sky-battle, and Vector Prime vanishes to rejoin the fight.

[[All those who join this fight are granted temporary boons of flight from Vector, via a acolyte stationed on the ground below, handing out tiny glyphed cyber-keys; those who already have said ability will find their control has increased tenfold. Vector's glyphed handle it best, achieving true flight; for anyone else, it is simply a lot like being able to run or drive in the third-dimension. Not even a speed boost, just running through space. Vroom-vroom?]]
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[Cliffjumper just shrugs and grins at that, though it's not particularly amused.]

Dunno what else ya want, that's what happened. Grimlock, Bee and Jazz were fightin' some Cons in the bowels of Cybertron and managed to wake Primus up, and that, we think, called Unicron... or something' slagged like that.

[Glancing at Starscream, Cliffjumper grimaces and manages to keep from shifting on his feet. He still doesn't like talking about things like this since he knows what Starscream and the others think.]

Most of us were on Earth at that point and were got called back to Cybertron... I was injured from an earlier fight but got pulled along anyway.

[He shrugs, staring at the ground.]

Injured enough I just got pulled into stasis-lock durin' the blasted fight.
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[ well it's not the first part that's alarming. of course a battle raging on in the heart of Cybertron could ONLY wake up something that's sleeping down there. it's not that strange of tale, though he doubts that this is something that could happen on his own version of it... being here as done wonders for his acceptance of strange stories...

thus he nods... until well. STASIS LOCK. ]

Cliff! What were you thinking?
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I wasn't--- [And then he realises how that sounds and grimaces, waving a hand to forestall Starscream saying anything.]

And not in the way you think, okay! All of us who got teleported or what the frag ever to Cybertron didn't exactly get to choose. And then...

Well [Cliffjumper pointed a bit helplessly up at the thing slowly coming through the lambda above.] it wasn't slaggin' easy to even think, even less do, 'cause he was doin' something to us that had everybody scattered before they managed to rally.