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The view from the sky is - for lack of any other word - chaotic, with fully half the wide field of view dominated by either the vast orange spires or the maw-filled void of the Lambda. Small, flying shadow-drones cloud the area, traveling in swarms and converging on the attackers. To the First Forged, they are nothing more than an annoyance and - more importantly, a distraction to the swift Primes, who are apparently attempting to converge on the attacking world.

Both Prima and Vector flit through the air with ease, though even their sibling-leader cannot best Vector in his home domain of the sky. Where Vector dodges, distracts, and teleports his enemies - away, or even into each other - Prima carves, cleaving his way through groups of fiends, doggedly charging his way across the sky-bound battlefield.

"To me, my fighters! We must take the battle to our foe - even if it means joining the fight in the air!"

Prima roars, sword singing as he grimly makes his way toward Unicron's outer-reaches.

"Use your gifts and join in our final, greatest fight for the destiny this world - and ourselves!"

Prima leads the charge, and with a gesture, Vector teleports his brother ahead to meet the next wave. Before stepping through the portal to follow, Vector addresses the network:

"...And those of you without the gift of flight - meet at the following coordinates down below. This is a problem easily remedied."

The location pings down directly below the Lambda and the sky-battle, and Vector Prime vanishes to rejoin the fight.

[[All those who join this fight are granted temporary boons of flight from Vector, via a acolyte stationed on the ground below, handing out tiny glyphed cyber-keys; those who already have said ability will find their control has increased tenfold. Vector's glyphed handle it best, achieving true flight; for anyone else, it is simply a lot like being able to run or drive in the third-dimension. Not even a speed boost, just running through space. Vroom-vroom?]]
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[Who's suddenly found himself as Prima's super-weapons dealer? This guy. He's got his acolyte trailing him, both their arms grasping an assortment of glowing weapons, melee types such as swords and maces.]

Looks like we're going all out. Take your pick!
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[Well, Cliffjumper is interested.]

Got any long-distance ones?
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No fancy guns, unfortunately, but these things can at least hit twice. Once close range, and it'll reflect an attack on another target.
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... Not my preferred weapon, but hittin' twice sounds useful if nothing else. [Peering at them, Cliffjumper taps more than one thoughtfully along the handle before he chooses a definitely over-sized (for Cliffjumper, anyway) mace.]

So I guess takin' one can't hurt... me, at least. [Yeah, that's a bad pun and Cliffjumper's smirk says he knows it but he doesn't really care.]
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[He shakes his head, but he can't help but grin a little lopsidedly himself.]

Guess I'll be leaving you to it, then.
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Thanks for the extra. [Cliffjumper raises the mace in a salute.] Hopefully it'll all be enough.

[Even if they were far fewer than the time Unicron had been fought in his original reality... Though they did have (some of) the Firstforged, of course.]