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End Game Part Five: The Traitor

While his brethren are out, seeking to destroy the dual incursions of Demons and Unicron...

Liege has waited, patiently.

His goals have always differed from those of the other thirteen, and now that they are distracted he can put forth a bid for his true desire: Control of the Lambda.

He appears on the network standing on a snow-capped balcony, shadowed by the near-perpetual darkness of his frigid towers.

"Listen, and listen well. To fight is hopeless. We have no guarantee of Primus's return, and we have even less guarantee that we can hold our own against this dual-sided assault. There is another way."

From the top of his tower, Liege raises his arm...and the snow-clouds above him disperse, whipping small flakes across the scene as the Lambda looms--green and ominous in a star-filled sky.

"I have broached a contract with the chaos-bringer. If we allow him into this universe, access to all other universes will be granted to us. Our horizons will be limitless. Put down your arms and rally to me...if you want to explore, or learn, or simply want to return home."

Behind him, a separate portal opens--brilliant and green just like the Lambda.

"Together, we can stop Prima and Vector, and gain something more worthwhile than this useless chunk of rock we have tried to call home. I will be waiting."

[[Those who wish to rally with Liege may come to his temple. Although fighting is not required for this path, he and Unicron will look favorably upon any who proceed through the small tear behind him to help repel Prima and Vector and their forces from the Maw. Those who do will find the gravity of the Lambda working for them--while you won't be able to fly, you will be able to move through the space around the Lambda with ease, re-orienting yourself as you see fit.]]
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You are doing this because you feel betrayed? Is that it? When the real fight comes you chose the Chaos bringer's side out of spite?

[Blurr scoffs. He never peg Liege as someone so...immature.]
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Your decisions are your own, you can't blame your creator for that. You have free will, just like the rest of us.

You are a fool or way too naive if you think he won't kill you once he gets what he wants.
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This is not just a fight like the ones we faced before. This is THE Fight and while you can try to reason your decision as much as you want that won't change the fact is a cowardly selfish one and a betrayal to your kind.

But if that's how things are, then so be it. If in the end I die and face my creator I would at least be able to look myself in the eye.