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[Audio] [Transmission originating from: Solian Sector] - Second Offense

I'm out of contact f'r a couple days and everything goes crazy. Y'all are really trying to make me feel at home aren't you, darlings?

[Barricade sounds tired, but amused. He's been in and out of the medbay keeping an optic on Ratchet and tweaking the upgrade plans for the prototype that kind of... exploded at said medic, and in between that has been trying to finish the renovations to his quarters in Solus Prime's temple.

Busy bot has been busy.]

So we've got a police force coming up, and a mercenary guild forming, huh? Well, I frankly ain't seen any law system work out - and I certainly ain't joining any of you, no offense - but I will say this.

I've been told that here we're more or less at peace among one another. Means we don't need warriors.

We need cops.

And if there are outside aggressors, we don't need warriors either. We need soldiers, because the whole Spec Ops suicide runs? Don't end well. For anyone. Ever.

That's all.

[Encrypted to Knock Out]

Probably nothing you ain't heard from others yet, but I finished my sniffing around for your partner. Trail went farther towards the Badlands than I was willing t'go and I didn't catch anything indicating he might have exited it or changed directions.

For what it's worth, I'm sorry he's gone.
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By the way, Driller's kinda cute. [Besides all those tentacles.] Jus' sayin'.
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... Cute.

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Super cute! A real cutie.
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You find the Driller... cute. That is certainly different.
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Well, he was super nice to me an' I hadn't be like totally traumatized at th' time, I probably would'a pat his nose an' stuff.

Oh! What kinda treats does he like?
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You are not spoiling it with treats.
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A-aw, I won't spoil 'im! Just wanna show my thanks.
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I will give you a list, you can give it one.
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Awesome! Thanks, dude. I'll be good.

[HAHA NO he's probably going to spoil Driller rotten.]