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9th-Aug-2012 08:18 pm - ITEM DROP
A weak dawn breaks, the distant star beginning the slow rise that will take it across Cybertron's 32 hour day, offset by the brilliant lamp in Prima's sector.

Even with the minimal light that it exudes, however, it's enough to know that something is different.

Something has happened.

Something smells fresh, and new, and an awful lot like....lumber?

Yes, it's definitely lumber, and those with finer sensors might also detect a hint of freshly pressed metal sheeting next to it. In fact, there seem to be veritable piles of both, gleaming in the morning 'sun.' You can find steel girders, wooden planks, trusses, tools, and what looks like a good half of a bright orange Home Depot with a few, unglyphed employees still wandering around in a daze. There's almost anything you'd need to build any sort of establishment--doors, windows, roof shingles, concrete and duracrete powder in giant, Cybertronian-sized bags...

There's everything, of course, except for paint. Strangely (or not so strangely), that all ended up with Swindle.

Still, this is good luck! There might be a few plants in the home and garden department for the human types, and there's an entire steelyard for the robot types. That doesn't explain the human-sized hamster balls or the entire gingerbread cottage (complete with a very confused old woman), but surely there is something in here you could use? That very unassuming Sailor Moon wand, for instance...nothing could go wrong with that, now could it?

Of course not!

So go forth, dig for treasure, and build to your heart's content...

((So here are the item drop notes!

--Feel free to tag in below with action-spam of your character discovering the new items and trying to take them from each other/sharing them around!
--Your character may find and pick up anything that you'd expect to find in a standard hardware store (of the human OR Cybertronian variety).
--IF your character is claiming the entirety of any one item (EX: I HAVE ALL THE WRENCHES GUYS HAHAHAH) or claiming one of the specialty items (such as the Sailor Moon transformation wand) you MUST post below and say so in the post header. This time around, it is first-come, first snag. Next time, we'll change the process up to give everyone a chance!
--Yes, the Sailor Moon Wand DOES at least put you in the dress, regardless of size or species. That seems to be all it is capable of, though, so no moon prism power for you.
--All of the unglyphed arrivals will spend the first few days acting like normal. The Home Depot employees will either show you around or claim they aren't getting paid enough and leave. The old woman might yell at you to get off her 'lawn,' or, if you're a child, she'll invite you in for tea and cookies and try to bake you in her oven. Strangely, however, after a few days they all simply vanish. Observant folks might notice them heading straight for the badlands. Feel free to capture any that you wish before this though!))
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