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21st-Sep-2013 06:45 pm - [video] Point 7
Hey so... I've been thinking, we should to team sports or something here, build trust and teamwork, that kind of stuff!

And I have just the perfect thing! Soccer!

The game is pretty easy for anyone who doesn't know it, two teams try to kick the ball into a specific goal, while keeping it away from the other team and keeping the other team from getting the ball into the other goal.

I want to start playing this with people... maybe set up a schedule to play it even. Anyone want to come play?
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4th-Sep-2013 08:53 pm - [Audio] Penalty shot
[Drill Boy woke up in Nexus' temple, and he stared around for a few moments, trying to figure out what had happened, why he felt so strange and why he couldn't remember... something.

That's when he realized he must have died. Turning on an audio only post he deiced to ask the important questions.]

McCrane? Power Joe? Kagerou? Are you all alright?

Did we catch them?
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11th-Mar-2013 09:32 pm - [audio/action] Point 6
[Drill Boy has suddenly become a very excitable dog. An Akita to be exact, his white and red coloration not too far of an off shoot from his normal colors.

He is currently running around the police HQ, barking happily with excitement, which can be heard over the audio feed.

There is a short pause in the barking as he stops to try scratching at his collar, where the communicator is located, and promptly tumbles over.]
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[Drill Boy is all fixed up and the monsters are gone, so he doesn't feel bad about this, in fact he feels like he deserves to do this.]

McCrane, I just want to let you know I'm safe. I'm not going to clean the cells just because Blurr didn't like that I needed out. It's not fair.

I'm not going to say where I am, but I am safe.

Please don't look for me.

PS. Make sure Power Joe doesn't do anything stupid.

[Drill Boy sent the text and closed down his communicator, even tempted to turn it off, but he decided not to, he wasn't so stupid that he wouldn't allow himself to be contacted somehow, at least not this time.

That done he turned and headed into Nexus' temple, going to find somewhere to curl up and feel righteous anger at being treated like some kid that couldn't fight or protect himself, again.]

(OOC: Open action option for those that find him, but don't expect him to stick around if you intend to drag him out of the temple, he is rather unhappy right now.)
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23rd-Jan-2013 07:50 pm - 4th point [video]
[The video turns on as Drill Boy is in the middle of something, a nearby explosion that would be familiar to the Brave Police coming over the feed. Drill Boy is down to only his spiked soccer balls and only a couple of those, the explosion having come from his last charged ball.]

This is Drill Boy, requesting back up!

[Even as he speaks he continues fighting, the video eventually showing the group of three monsters that he is facing off against. Instead of keeping to his soccer balls Drill Boy pulls out his revolver, a couple shots landing solidly in one of the monsters and taking it down. Unfortunately there is only one of him and still two more of them, one takes advantage of this and while he is aiming at the other it lunges for Drill Boy's other arm, it's massive pincers digging into the Brave Police's under protected arm.]


[Suddenly the video goes dark and no noise can be heard, but a data package with Drill Boy's coordinates is attached just before the whole transmission shuts off.]

(OOC: Characters are free to respond, Drill Boy will talk once he is in hiding from the monsters or saved. McCrane is already set to rescue him.)
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[He had he hands on his head, as if he can block out the sound, and his teeth are gritted. A look of frustration is written all over his face.]

Someone make it stop!

Make it... make it go away!

I hate this feeling!

I want McCrane here...

I want...

I want to be home.

[He has been trying to stay strong for the others but right now his head just feels like a mess and he wants the annoyance in it to stop.]
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11th-Oct-2012 07:31 pm - [Video]
Um, hello. So, McCrane and the others told me I should see one of the mechanics, or are they called medics? But they told me to see one about getting my engine switched to use the energon stuff here.

Well I thought I had enough fuel to last for a long while, but I'm running low now, and can't seem to find a whole lot, so I think maybe I should get that done.

Who do I need to talk to about getting it taken care of?
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30th-Aug-2012 12:13 pm - 1st point [video]
Whaaaat? I didn't get any of what that guy said!

What is going on here? Why am I not at home?

Oh and if any of the other Brave Police are here... I'm apparent in some kind of temple for a Nexus Prime guy.
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