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2nd-Jul-2013 07:42 pm - Spell 004 [Video/Action]
[Well hello people of the Cybertron, you’re likely use to random posts upon this network and even unintentional posts. So the sudden jostling and noise that shows this particular communicator is in a bag. A bag that is very care worn if the flashes of the outside that is seen as it moves is to be believed. The mystery is soon solved as the bag is dropped to the ground and the communicator manages to bounce out through one of the busted seams.

Despite the odd angle the view shows Flonne and Laharl out somewhere in the Junkyard and seeming to be readying to do something. Well at least Flonne is, considering she seems to be holding a wooden staff in such a way as if expecting an attack.]

Okay! Here I go then...Oh Lord protect me!

[At first it doesn’t seem like anything is actually happening until above her head a light forms and takes the shape of a volley of arrows that hang for a moment before shooting forwards, and towards a small pile that looks deliberately set up and hitting it and the area around it in a flash of light. Once one is able to see again there is a nice bit of damage done to said pile, and the steam and small scorch and dent marks in a cross shape upon the ground around the pile.

It’s not enough damage to make a giant robot worry if it does not hit a weak point or seam, but it certainly is not something anyone organic would want to get hit with. Though something seems wrong by the look of shock and disbelief on Flonne’s face.]

T-that didn’t work the way it’s suppose to work. Laharl! I didn’t know you could lose levels here. What do I do to get them back? Before I can’t use any magic again or it takes away my healing magic.

[Someone is panicking now.]
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16th-Jun-2013 08:57 pm - Spell 003 [Video]
[We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you once again a perky, dumb blonde who clearly needs to get off whatever sugar high she has been on since she showed up here. That's right it's Flonne again and this time you can see a little of the chaos that is the space she has claimed for herself in this world. As there are various stacks of random items likely taken from the junk yard that she's either using in crafting or is cleaning up because she thought it was pretty or such. Look she's a magpie okay shiny things attract her. Among such are large stacks of reclaimed paper of all colors and types along with various hand made paper flowers in various states of being finished.]

Hello again, if it's not too much trouble I have a few questions to ask and I hope you can take the time to answer.

[How can one being be this obnoxiously happy?]

Mister Wing is looking for ideas for events that humans would like to see for the festival he's talking about, and I want to help him gather a lot of good ideas from everyone here so there can be something for everyone to enjoy. So any ideas on what sort of games and booths you would like to see would be really helpful and we would all be ever so grateful for the help.

Mister Rewind is also wanting to learn about the glyphs we have and is making a really neat chart to see what it all means. So it would be nice if you would be kind enough to tell him about your glyph or I can write it down and give the information to Mister Rewind instead.

Thank you ever so much for listening to me and helping out where you can.

[And just when you think you are free of her she suddenly remembers a super duper important, to her, thing that she has to force on all of you as well.]

Oh! I'm sorry but, I also have a question to ask for myself. I want to say thank you to all of the First Forge who have helped us since we got here and really want to give them a gift in thanks. But I don't know exactly what I can give them or what they all would like. Is there anything specific they would like that I could make for them? I really appreciate any help and will gladly help make anything you might want to give them as well.

Thank you! Bye Bye!

((OOC: In regards to the glyphs I also have a handy dandy handwaving post if you want your character's info to be given but don't want to thread it out.))
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9th-Jun-2013 02:12 am - [Video - Solus Temple] New Opening!

[Get out your popcorn, mechs, ladies and gentlemen because you are getting a show to watch. And who’s hosting that? Why yes, your two less favorite medics. Barricade is black, while Knock Out is the red text.]

[Knock Out sports a huge grin and looks pretty darn proud of himself, meanwhile Barricade is leaning against a berth with his arms crossed, a smirk on his face.]

It came to our attention that keeping all your medical resources as well as all your doctors in the same place at the same time is the worse idea anyone ever had since Starscream decided that stiletto heels were trendy.

[Knock Out could recite a long list of bad decisions that Starscream made, but that's neither here nor there.]
We would like you all to be the first to know that the new clinic is currently open.

Don’t worry, we’re still in Solus’s temple – just in a different spot. Now with our facility you’ve got one-stop shoppin’ f’r all your upgrade needs. And if someone happened to pop your arm off and beat you with it, we’d be happy to re-attach it and get those nasty dents out. Even touch up your paint.

Now, time for a virtual visit.

[Knock Out pats the head of the droid holding the camera gently and it starts moving around the clinic for people to see how it looks. Flonne smiels and waves at the camera when it walks past the reception desk.

There's a ridiculous amount of pristine walls and white floors, and the space is big. Way bigger than it was intended to be at first, sorry Solus, Knock Out got a bit trigger happy when it came to knock down a few walls.]
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25th-Apr-2013 10:01 pm - Video; Prima's Temple [Spell 002]
[Oh no it's that one odd organic again. She also seems almost serious, as much as one can be when your default expression is happy. Maybe it's the hands on hips display as she looks into her communicator.]

Hi everyone! I have a really important message I have to give out. Mr. Knock Out told me that a Mr. Prowl is in really big need of help and a friend so I want to be that person to help him. I'm certain he just needs someone to show him love and kindness and he'll be just as nice as Mr. Knock Out. Because love, trust, and kindness are really important and it's sad that you let yourself have such Mr. Prowl, especially if there are those around you who would like to be your friend.

So we're going to turn that frown upside down!

[She is completely and utterly serious about all of this. Even as she suddenly starts and looks as if she realizes something else that she had forgotten about.]

Oh, Laharl! Laharl! Mr. Knock Out told me something really important as well about us, and how we should go on a date because we're special friends and a date would help us become even closer. So we need to do that because I want us to be as close as we can be like Master Lamington and Mr. Mid-boss wanted us to be.
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Hello everyone! It's nice to meet you and I hope we can all be friends.

[And surprise everyone on the network. You just go bombarded by the high pitch tones that seem like the hallmark of bubbly and ditzy girls in various universes. The video feed also helps with that, even if the red eyes, tiny bat wings, red tail, fangs, and pointy ears do destroy the illusion of her being a typical preteen/teenager.]

Mr. Acolyte said I'm part of a Mr. Prima's temple, but that doesn't mean I don't want to help and get to know everyone even from the other temples. Because love and kindness should always be shared.

Oh, I completely forgot. My name is Flonne and if anyone knows if Etna and Laharl are here as well I'd really be happy to know this. Thank you everyone for listening to me!
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