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8th-Jul-2013 08:08 pm - [Video | The Junk Pile]
[Ah, the junk pile. Lyra's second most traveled place in Haven next to Leige's quadrant.

The young girl is currently exploring and digging through piles as Pan trots along behind her in the form of a small beagle, her comm unit danging around his neck thanks to a piece of ribbon she'd found.

So, yeah, the video's just a little bit shaky.]

I want to make somethin' outta this junk, Pan. Maybe armor like Iorek's!

Wasn't his made from a special metal?

That's ain't the point, Pan. The point is I want to try.

Alright, where do we start?

[Lyra pauses and puts her hands on her hips, frowning some as she chews on the inside of her cheek before eyeing her comm unit--which she's just realizing turned on because of the trotting beagle.

Oh well.]

Any suggestions? Since you lot heard that anyway.
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[Given what had happened to Wheeljack, Lyra just wasn't all that inclined to stick around Haven. She needed to get her mind off things and exploring was one way to do that. So she'd pack up some food and her alethiometer and headed out in the middle of the night, not really caring to inform anyone of what she was doing.

She could take care of herself. She didn't need anyone looking out for her anymore.

Her daemon, on the other hand, knew otherwise and was trying to find a good way to alert others to what was going on and his chance came when they took a break from their wanderings, the little girl having made it to the far edge of Haven near the end of Liege's quadrant.

Setting down her bag with the alethiometer, Lyra plopped down and started to dig out some food, giving Pan a chance to 'help' her and dig out her comm unit at the same time. The little ferret promptly sat down on the comm unit as Lyra started to eat, turning it on though he was blocking the view of the camera for now.]

Lyra, how much further are we going?

Dunno. Going to see how far it all goes. There has to be a way to get home. Ain't no one gone far enough is all.

It..but it could be dangerous couldn't it? Lyra, I think we should go back!

No. I ain't going back there, Pan.

But what if Wheeljack wakes--

Shut up, Pan! Just..shut up! Please..

[Lyra can't even bring herself to look at her daemon as she says it though, and Pan finally slinks off the comm unit to crawl into her lap as a cat, tail flicking a bit as he nuzzles against her.]

Sorry Lyra..
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19th-May-2013 04:19 pm - [Video | Junk Pile]
[Yep. Lyra's been hanging out in the junk pile. And by hanging out, when she tells people that, she really means camping out there because the temple reminds her too much of being with Mrs. Coulter.

So, yeah, it's really just not comfortable being there.

She's got herself a pretty nice little place established, though it's not really that great for a kid and her daemon, but she's stubborn.

Right now though..]

It ain't real easy to find food people can eat around here. So, um, anyone know where I can get some stuff to bring back to camp?

[Arms crossed, she acts all cool and collected as she asks but she's really hungry at this point.

So much so that it's showing in Pan who's curled up in her arms as a rabbit looking quite down trodden.]
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19th-Mar-2013 09:11 am - [Video | Junk Pile, yet again]
[Lyra had much more important things to do rather than go visit some temple where she was apparently supposed to live now. She had an alethiometer to find and wasn't about to leave the junk pile until she did. The end result was the little girl setting up a junk-made lean to for herself and Pan, camping out at night and searching through the day.

It had to be somewhere.

Settling down with some food she'd managed to get while Pan continued searching, Lyra turned on her comm unit, figurin she might as well see what was going on. And ask if anyone else had found it.]

Got a question for all you. I'm looking for something real important. It kinda looks like a compass but with pictures on it. I know I had it when I jumped trough the window after my father so if one of you has it you best give it back.

[She glares a bit to make her point before glancing off screen to check on Pan.]


Nothing yet. At least not what we're lookin for. There's so much weird stuff here, Lyra!

[The little girl grinned, her daemon's excitement and curiosity infectious.]

Oh. Right. So...can anyone tell me what this thing means? Which temple or whotever.

[She pushes the sleeve of her shirt up some to show off Liege's glyph.]

Still not sure where it's supposed to take me.
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11th-Mar-2013 09:26 am - [Accidental Video | The Junk Pile]
Where is it where is it where is it?!

[While many others in Haven were having a body swap crisis, a new arrival was having a crisis of her own. Lyra was none too thrilled about said crisis and she didn't even care about where she was of I her father was here--

She had something to find.

Digging through the junk, an irritated noise escaped her, the little girl throwin a broken piece of somthing as, a couple feet away, a beagle sniffed about. It wasn't the first thing she'd thrown, her comm unit bein the first--since she had no idea what it was--and thus the reason for the lopsided video streaming right now.]

It's got to be here, Lyra. We'll find it.

[Yep. The beagle talks.]

We better, Pan. How else are we going to find father and our way home and Roger--

[Lyra's expression started to crumple a bit causing the beagle--Pan--to look over, immediately changing into a big, fluffy feline as he scampered over and crawled into he lap. She immediately wrapped her arms around him, buring her face in his fur as he nuzzled her gently.]

Oh Pan, it's all my fault.
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