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6th-Jan-2014 07:41 pm - [Video] 1st Shot
[Well, isn't this just wonderful ...

[The feed opens up on the face of a turian, not that he expects that to mean much, given that he's never heard of "Cybertron," and they've probably never heard of him. Still, the Acolytes seemed friendly enough, if vaguely cult-y, but it was the fact they appeared to be entirely synthetic. Legion aside, he hasn't exactly had the best track record in that department.]

If there's anyone out there this is Garrus Vakarian, serving with the SSV Normandy on the off-chance that means something to anyone here. If it doesn't, well ... might have to think of something else.

One way or the other, I'm not exactly sure how I got here, but the lack of a hangover removes alcohol as a possibility. If anyone can give me anything on where exactly this planet is, any way to contact off world, how I got here, anything, It'd be much appreciated. The, ah, acolytes weren't exactly too helpful on that front.
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26th-Dec-2012 06:50 pm - [Video/Action; by the Junkpile]
[The feed clicks on to show Garrus in the Junkpile, broadcasting with the use of his arm-mounted Omni Tool.]

Looks like the Lambda's feeling rather festive this week. There's a cache of supplies here on a ship back from my world.

[A three-fingered hand reaches to plug in some controls into the device's holographic display, quickly bringing up a 3-D representation of the ship in question, with several red indicators near the thickest areas of the craft.]

Scans show there's.. probably going to be some hostile stowaways inside. Shouldn't be too much for an organized team to handle.

[The feed flicks back to the camera.]

Meet by my coordinates if you're interested.

[And the feed clicks off. Now to see if anyone will join him.]

(ooc: Part of this plot. This will lead to a log later today/tomorrow)
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23rd-Nov-2012 10:26 am - 01 [video • prima's temple]
...Riiight. Pretty amazing what they can do with sims these days.

[There's a vaguely bird-like alien on the feed, looking just slightly amused at the story he was just fed by one of the Acolytes. Was he really supposed to believe that? That questioning, raised brow plate says otherwise.]

Not really my thing though. I might know a friend who would be interested.

[So someone please point him to the exit port out of here. He really has other things to get back to, dealing with VR ads is not something he wants to be sitting in at the moment.]

((ooc: Feel free to poke this space raptor at Prima's temple))

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