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14th-Jul-2013 02:04 am - [Video]
[Have a new face, Haven – or most of one. Engineer hasn't bothered to take any of his gear off, so there's only so much to see: his eyes are covered by his goggles and a yellow construction helmet sits on his head. He clears his throat before addressing his potential audience, clearly a little uncertain about the Link device he's been given, but definitely intrigued by it. They don't have video communication quite this fancy back where (and when) he's from.]

I suppose the polite thing to do would be to introduce myself before I start asking questions. Name's Dell Conagher, though people tend to call me Engineer these days. I'll answer to either.

Now then, if it ain't too much trouble, I could use a little assistance and some information. I'm a reasonable man, but I'm also a rational one. I got the introductory speech from these here – uh, Acolytes, I think it was – and while it isn't the craziest thing I've ever heard, it's in the running. If I'm expected to believe I'm on another planet, I need a bit more of an explanation than these walking answering machines can provide. Heck, if I had to make a guess based on the level of technology I'm seeing here, I'd guess I'm in Australia. [Australia, of course, being a technological powerhouse in his reality. He pauses, turning to one of the Acolytes that's still hovering nearby in case the new arrival would like to hear its pre-programmed spiel again, and raps his knuckles against its ankle. Its only reaction is to cock its head to one side.] I know we ain't got anything quite this fancy back home, at any rate.

I'd be mighty thankful if someone could point me in the direction of the nearest cafeteria, while I'm making requests. I get the feeling I might be here a while and that half a sandwich I had for lunch won't keep me going forever.

Oh, and I believe I owe some fella by the name of Solus Prime a thank you for this here device? [A finger reaches out and taps the edge of the screen to indicate the Link device in his hand.] Sure is a neat little welcome package.
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