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Greetings, citizens of... err... Cybertron.

[Somehow, it still feels strange to say that.  It had been thousands of stellar cycles since he'd been stationed on Cybertron, and while this planet may have shared the name, it definitely wasn't the home he'd known.]

My name is Optimus Prime - I am the leader of a small crew of Autobots, stationed on planet Earth.

I know that a lot of you don't want to be here.  In fact, I know a lot of you are here against your will.  But in spite of that, I think that it's important that we all do our best to make the most of our current situation.  We may be from different universes, but chances are, we still have quite a bit in common.  If we work together, I think that we'll be able to make this work, at least until we find a way to return home.

[It wasn't one of his better speeches, but then... what could he say in this situation?  There weren't many who would rush to work together with complete strangers.]

... If I can be of assistance to anyone, please let me know.

[He pauses, making one more effort to reach his teammates.  He doesn't particularly want to be there alone, but he wouldn't wish ill on any of them either.]

Autobots, if you are receiving this transmission, report back immediately.

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