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7th-Jul-2013 08:08 pm - [ VIDEO ]
[ The last time the Haven had heard a roar similar to the one ringing out, it was when Grimlock had been changed to a flesh and blood beast. Though it wasn't the same case, it was definitely the same roar. It was an announcement, and also a claim of his prize.

Grimlock stood in front of the video feed in his beast mode, smoke rolling out of his mouth. His optics were bright and the vents on his back flutter as heat is dispelled. He's dented, scratched, bits of torn patches were sparking, but at his feet is the corpse of a large, reptilian monster. Almost the same size as him. ]

Nobody's tougher than Grimlock!

[ He bends his neck down, tearing at the creature's leg and rips it straight off. He tossed it into the air, opens his mouth, then swallows it whole. His body shifts after, transforming back into his robotic mode-- on his arm was the familiar glyph of Megatronus. He lifts up the corpse by the neck.

Hello, Haven. ]

Swoop! Trophy.
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19th-Mar-2013 07:48 pm - [ video ]
[ This link has pretty much been dropped and forgotten, though it 'jumps' as something very big thumps by it. Most would recognize it as the area right around Megatronus's quadrant, just as the video captures a bit of huge, reptilian claws.

The creature growls, and sniffs the air, right before it lets out a loud roar. Apparently, it smells something of interest, since it starts heading off in a direction that would give the camera a good look of it.

Were those feathers and scales in Grimlock's colors? They sure were. The black glyph on the tyrannosaur's shoulder should banish whatever other doubt there is who this dinosaur was. Unfortunately, he didn't seem to be all that... there right now. ]

(ooc: Grimlock isn't really going to reply to network posts, but feel free to action if you like!)
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6th-Feb-2013 08:39 pm - [ video ]
[ He's not really a communications mech. That wasn't his job. His job had always been to make the hard decisions, be the first one in there, the one to make the bold movements. He used comms only when necessary. ]

WHERE IS MY TEAM? Where are the others!

[ ...That probably gets the point across. It's about the most he can articulate at this level of fury. It was hard to think, and he just clutches at the air uselessly, balling his hands into fists. ]

Do not hide them from me. Will tear all who stand in way apart!

[ Grimlock obviously missed the memo about the whole rip in space-time and ancient Cybertron thing. To be fair, from the number of terrorpede corpses splattered around, seems like he's settled in okay. He picks up a foot, stomping on one of the still twitching corpses, splattering more goo everywhere. ]

Rrrgh. Bugs.
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