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10th-Mar-2013 01:07 pm - 4. [VIDEO]
[behold the Irish Wolfhound. a grand, majestic specimen of canine kind, and this adult sample easily the weight of an adult human himself. note the fur, a mixture of grays and blues, not usually seen in the breed but here...


okay Irish Wolfhounds probably aren't supposed to have red eyes, either. or be pawing at the device, looking like it's /trying/ to say something but all that's coming out are mangled 'AWRAWRAWWRRR's. one might call it outright distressed, or at the very least, anxious.

they usually don't have black glyphs on their shoulders, either, but that's not exactly odd around here.

the wolfhound stares at the camera a moment, tilting its - his - head, emitting another short whine...then promptly paws at it again, baring its teeth just slightly.

(my, those are nice teeth it has.)

another 'waaawrrrraaaawr' before something catches its attention - beeping from the side. immediately, the dogs' head rises, looking at something off-screen. after another moment it looks back at the camera, cocks its head again...then makes a rather distinctive face of unhappiness before reaching to /grab/ the camera with its mouth.

be glad dog breath doesn't transmit through these things, you guys. and be glad the device shuts off a moment later, apparently jostled just right.]
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25th-Jan-2013 12:25 pm - 3. [Video]
[so, hey, remember this guy? he's still kicking it.

literally. 'it' being what looks like may have been a centipede at one point, but the thing's...pretty clearly /dead/. and Maximus himself is, well...

suffice it to say he could use some cleanser. or a lot of it.

There any end to these things, or are we just gonna keep killin' 'em 'til there's more bodies here than people?

[he stops kicking it, glancing at the vidfeed properly as he wipes some goo off his face. he's not untouched himself, but...]

-and has anyone seen Ultra Magnus? Been trying to ping him for days. [that may or may not be a slight bit of worry, there, but it's awfully hard to tell anything he's feeling under the, uh, gunk. seems like he got quite up and personal with the 'pede...]
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7th-Oct-2012 07:30 pm - 2. [VOICE]
So here's a question. We've got the - 'Haven', whatever, the quadrants and temples and whatever inside of it, and other than that we've got the Badlands.

But this is Cybertron, right? That can't be it. So has anyone bothered doing any real exploring? See what's out there?

[there has to be more...right?]

PRIVATE; Vandal )
PRIVATE; Ultra Magnus )
PRIVATE; Whirl [Text] )
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3rd-Aug-2012 11:32 am - 1. [Voice]
[for a long few moments, there's only the sound of ventilation. fans cycling a mech's air systems. he's clicked on his radio, yeah, but now?

now he has no idea what to say, except something slightly hysterical.

This is a lot different than I thought the Pit'd look like.

[said in the tone of someone-please-tell-me-I'm-totally-incorrect]
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