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[The video clicks on to... Tesla coils. Two of them, sitting a nice distance away from each other with a lightning rod situated between them, and hooked up to something off-screen. There's the quiet shuffle of someone moving behind the camera, muttering unintelligibly, before something very very odd happens. The coils begin to emit electric charges, but also seem to be creating musical notes as well -- musical Tesla coils, playing a somewhat sinister song.

Once the song ends, the sound of Kaon's voice, from off-screen:]

Electricity never ceases to amaze, no?

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13th-Jun-2013 09:20 pm - 1 [Video]
Attention, citizens. This is Kaon, of the DJD.

[...There has to be some kind of mistake. Aside from the intimidating Tesla coils sticking from his shoulders, the supposed DJD member on the screen looks... pathetic. His optics -- or, where they should be -- are completely hollowed out and dark. These manage to amplify the simple frown on his face into a full-out expression of apathy.

Regardless, the mech continues on with his small announcement.]

It has come to my attention that this is an alternate and, how you say... primitive. Version of the Cybertron that I assume most of us originally come from. But admittedly, I don't quite care about that at the moment. I have one simple request from you all: if you have seen any other member of the DJD -- first and foremost, Tarn, but others are greatly acceptable as well -- it would be in your best interests to inform me of their location.

[Curiously, the mech bows his head, and actually smiles.]

Thank you. That is all.
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