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[The video opens back on the surface at the farthest edge of Prima's territory, with Optimus still wearing most of the signs of damage taken in the core, barely repaired. His colors are off; blackened with odd marks that are neither burns nor cuts.

He seems...distracted, optics staring out toward the darkness past the edges of the Haven more often than at the camera itself.]

I hope everyone is alright and has found time to be repaired. I know we seem to be missing a few of our number...

[He glances away again with unfocused optics, tensing as if to move away, before relaxing with some visible effort. He rubs a hand over the bridge between his eyes, pained, before rubbing more harshly at some of the black marks marring the blue of his helm. After a moment, he pulls away with a look of disgust.]

I wish to assist in any search being preformed- but I'm afraid I find myself...distracted.

[Another pause; his jaw works under his mask, reluctant.]

I... may be in need of some assistance of my own.
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12th-Jan-2013 02:42 am - [Video] Optimus Prime wants YOU!
As you may or may not know, despite our somewhat awkward situation here, we have established something of a fledgling police force and law committee to help deal with and process issues as they arise.

[A brief pause, and he gives the camera a look.]

...If you were not aware of this, especially any new arrivals, feel free to contact any member of the police force if you need assistance or contact Blurr if you wish to apply for membership.

[A press of a button, and he includes the frequency for Blurr and the rest of the officers, as well as the current committee members.]

While our status here may not be ideal, given the nature of our accidental arrival, the First Forged would prefer to grant us autonomy to craft our own rules and laws.

However, this is not our world, and the Firstforged have requirements of their own, so something of a compromise has been reached. Which is where this Law Committee comes in.

While we have several members within in the committee already, we specifically need representatives of each glyph - of each First Forged - to progress forward and begin actually establishing a proper set of laws with their blessing. At the time being, we have no one involved from Alpha Trion, Nexus Prime, or Liege Maximo's quadrants.

So we are in need of some volunteers of those specific alignments.

If you wish to assist us in this, please contact me here, or any of the other members on the contact list provided. Thank you.

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[Optimus Prime, finally fully repaired and recovered from his final battle with Megatron, is holding a box. A box with carefully cut open black wrapping paper and a silver bow. Looks like his present got to him a bit late.

It also looks like he is not particularly impressed, and he is very carefully not showing the contents to the camera.]

...Right. Well then. Whoever sent me these...

Just. No. I wish I could apologize. But just no.

[He shakes his head. Calmly, he places the lid back on the box, and sets it aside before facing the camera once more.]

...I know everything has been rather painful and tense the past orns. We've lost a lot of good people, and I'm proud to see how we've all managed since then.

[A sigh, and he visibly straightens up, not unaffected by the weight of all the loss.]

It's good to see that things have calmed down, and that a number of you have received some more pleasant gifts lately.

[His own gift is not spared a rather dry look.]

Be that as it may, I know a number of you were working on the designs for an portal device that might increase our options around here a bit.

Do you have any updates on that project to report?
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[The video comes on in the middle of one of the recent battlegrounds, camera display (relayed optic-view) bobbing as the 'bot it belongs to runs along. The sounds of battle and low calls of the largest of monsters are distant, but after a few moments one of the smaller, faster beasts catches up with the speeding cameramech.

The bot deploys a glowing energon-axe as he jerks to avoid a blow, sparks flying off scoured armor, before dispatching the weaker beast with an awkwardly returned slice, not breaking his stride even when he has to leap over the still-glowing pieces.

-This is Optimus Prime.

[Admittedly, he'd hoped to stay quiet, to largely lay low for a while and see how this newest inter-dimensional kidnapping played out. Perhaps it was benign. Perhaps he would not be needed.

...Unfortunately, he hadn't exactly counted on a full-scale invasion

Anyone in the South-western quadrant, adjacent to Prima's Northern-most borders may want to remove themselves from the line of fire, unless they are prepared to defend against two converging waves.

A large group of creatures made up of approximately twenty to twenty five of the heavier-class individuals are making their way into the next quadrant over- Alpha Trion's territory.  Another group, possibly newly-arrived of almost the same scale is coming in from the center of the junkyard.

[Alpha Trion. A First-Forged. The view wobbled briefly as he shook his head. That was still...unbelievable.

Not that he had time to contemplate it. The Prime abruptly skid to a halt as he reached the top of a ridge, ducking down, voice lowering. Another large group of beings were on the other side.

...I will be attempting to lure the bulk of this group and the one still on my tailgate into the junkyard, away from the facilities.  If anyone is in the area and able to assist, I would appreciate it.

[A short nod. Right then.]

Prime out.

[And the feed cuts.]

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