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11th-Dec-2012 11:52 am - VIDEO;
Hey dudes an' dudettes. Been a rough time of it. I know. We were all put into a bad spot an' had to crawl out of it.

I want you all to remember somethin', though:

It's not your fault. You did what y'had to. And in the end, you aren't alone, whoever you are. You rock.

I'm no medic, so I can't fix you up physically, any of you. But let me play a bit to ease your sparks, souls, hearts, and embers, yeah?

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23rd-Nov-2012 03:20 pm - AUDIO;

He's missing again. I dunno if it's got anything to do with Vandal. I don't think that it does, but.

Look, I need to find her first, but if someone could take a look around. Keep an optic out.

That'd rock.
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6th-Nov-2012 08:56 pm - AUDIO;
Hey, so. That noise I was hearin'... it stopped a few days ago.

Then all these new dudes are poppin' up. Weird, how that panned out, but you know? With a place that's got, like, magic pages an' stuff in it? Ain't hard to see how weird scrap happens.

So! To all of you new dudes! Name's Soundwave. Nah, I ain't the usual quiet, monotone creeper. Ain't my scene, dude. If it helps separate me from the usual? Jus' call me 'Wave. Lotsa people do. I help run the recreational center with Wing. So chances are, I'll see you all there sometime.

Shoot me a message if you dudes need anything.

Soundwave, rockin' out.

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29th-Oct-2012 10:19 am - AUDIO;
I've always got some kinda filter goin'. Deep in my head, all out, audial's going.

I hear a lot of stuff. Everyone-- everyone has their own rhythm. A beat, volume, big ol' crescendo, nice little legato. It's such an inspiration, to hear everyone. I guess it's gotta be, because it never stops.

There's a new song, dudes.

It's awful.
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[The video feed comes on and shows two Cybertronians: Wing and Soundwave! They're standing outside of a building that some might have come to know as the recreational center.]

S'up, dudes! Soundwave an' Wing, totally rockin' in with an announcement.

First, I want to thank those who helped us with the center. It was a lot of hard work and we couldn't have done it all ourselves. We've decided to call the recreational center Haven's Hub. Though we agree just the Hub ought to be fine.

[Soundwave slings an arm around Wing's shoulders.] Ain't gonna be officially opened til 'bout a week from now, though. Plus, we only got one part of the center up an' running. So th' bar is done, at least! Cybertronians, Earth 'bots, an' little organic dudes all alike can come hang out come next week at least!

Which brings us to the last little detail. We--Soundwave and I--were having some trouble deciding on a name for the bar. Since this place is meant to be open and welcoming to all residents, we figured we'd ask your help. [Wing offers a lop-sided grin.] So we decided that it'd be best if we did a little contest. We're going to accept submissions that will offer a title for the bar. Come next week when we open the bar, we'll draw out the name at random. The one we pick will be the new name of the bar!

So get creative, yeah? I wanna hear what you guys come up with!

The winner, as thanks for their contribution, will also have a drink named after them! Come see us after the bar is opened and we'll talk!

[There's a pause as they're ready to end the video, then the pair just end up practically bear-hugging each other in laughter.]

This is gonna be so smeltin' AWESOME!

I know, I can hardly wait!
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21st-Sep-2012 02:19 pm - AUDIO;
All right, so.

That was... a thing that happened, yeah? Eh-heh. Look...

I got no excuse for my behavior. I could blame the page I wrote on. I don't think I can. Not for me. I know what I said and did.

So I will say, I'm sorry for, uh. Bein' a downer.

Not too sure about singing right now. But I do got a piece to play for you all.

i am still alive )

S'all I got. Take care, dudes. I'm gonna work on finishin' up the recreational center.

[ooc: Characters, if they listen to the piece, could feel inspired to be more determined!]
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11th-Sep-2012 10:34 am - VIDEO;
[Leaning back, slumped in a chair is Soundwave. He's holding his keytar close, slowly strumming bits of music into it. Yet, none of it is its usual cheer, the upbeat determination that he usually plays.

As he presses the keys, playing the morose tune, the holograms from his keytar form a display of crystal plants attempting to emerge from the floor by his feet. But they gray out, crumble, and turn to ash. Something trying to live, but expiring quickly.

It doesn't matter. Does it.

I'm just gonna sit here, and listen. All that noise in my head, comin' in. Every beat, every rhythm. In and out. I can't stop that. Each one, new and different. So. Much. Sound.


Don't come lookin' for me. I have enough noise.

[ooc: Your character may or may not be inspired... to feel massive discomfort from Soundwave's current music.]
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31st-Aug-2012 06:03 pm - VIDEO;
Okayyy, a few things, dudes!

First off, uh. ... Thanks for all of the help in tryin' to find Starscream. Liege Maximo says he's more or less gone for good. S'not been easy dealin' with that, but I wanted everyone to know.

I might, I dunno, sing a song in his honor. I'm thinkin' about it. But I wanted to keep dudes updated.

Also! Heads up! The Link gets weaker the further out you get from the Haven. Had this kind of run-in not only with Starscream, but Miko too. Miko's okay, though! So, like, keep that in mind, dudes!

On the brighter side, the recreational center is seein' some progress. I dunno what we're gonna call it, but I think I'll work that out with Wing whenever he gets back from his trip. I'm gonna start rechargin' there. I'll give its official location when it's all done, dudes.

I think that's all I got! This is Soundwave, totally rockin' out!

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22nd-Aug-2012 10:38 am - AUDIO;
Private to RID!Starscream )

So, um!

I was wondering if anyone's heard from Starscream lately? Y'know, the nicer one, helped Blurr out with the Prism thingy and all. 'Cuz the other one's a pile of marshmallows and likes to pick fights. I haven't really seen him and stuff.

Blurr, do you think you could try t'find him real quick?

Umm, Firstforged dudes? Ideas?

Thanks! Just lemme know if you hear from him or something. Yep!
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17th-Aug-2012 06:14 pm - VIDEO;
So I get it. Things can be a little dark sometimes. That's, like, life you know? It gets dim, you get scared.

But y'know what I find? You can't let it hold you back.

[Soundwave rolls his shoulders back once, then slides his keytar from his back, letting it rest into his hands.]

Let's do this. And hey! If you know the words, all the better; I think it gets more power if people sing with me.

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[ooc: After hearing the song, your character should feel inspired and motivated towards hope and confidence! This effect can be as long as a week, or it can fade in a few hours.]
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6th-Aug-2012 06:35 pm - AUDIO;

I, uh. I need your help. Please please please, 'Cade, I can't...
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3rd-Aug-2012 11:36 pm - VIDEO;
Aw right! So, I know, we're kind of stuck in a place with, you know. Hardly anythin'. Not goin' home. Not gonna lie, that can totally bring you down!

And sure, there's a bunch of work to do, but... we gotta pass the time!

So, I've been goin' through some of the junkpile in my spare time. There's a couple of things we can totally go ahead an' do and keep us occupied. I got some instruments if you dudes wanna learn how to play. And board games! Some cards. Stuff like that!

I mean, don't get me wrong -- I totally gathered as much food as I can for our fleshy dudes. I remember that humans don't seem to like, uh, canned green beans? But I totally have that, sorry. And peaches and ramen and soup and ravioli and yeah! All kinds of stuff. I'll, like, start a stash or somethin'.

Yeah! Lemme know if you guys need food or if you guys want somethin' to do to keep yerselves busy.

Soundwave, rockin' on out!
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20th-Jul-2012 04:33 pm - VIDEO;

Dude, you have gotta be freakin' kidding me! Like, I finally get sent away from that Axiom Nexus place and then bam! BAM I'M SOMEWHERE ELSE. Not to give out the negative vibes here, but c'mon!

Look, don't get me wrong -- this looks a lot like my Cybertron. Put in a few more fire pits and that's pretty much home. But seriously? After all that smeltin' trouble and I'm somewhere else and not anywhere even, like, totally close where I gotta be.

Psh, I guess that's just the way it goes. Maaaaan! ...I need somethin' to throw.
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