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3rd-Jan-2013 06:19 pm - Claw Mark || 001 [Video]
[Yet another video from a new communicator comes up on the link, but this one is a little different from the other recent arrivals….]

[The view is a mess of shadow and light swirled in movement for the camera as the device drops only to roll over the floor of the temple room. Sound comes through plainly as the sound of screeching metal mixes with the low pitch of metal dropping to the floor, followed by another drop, and then one final resounding thud. Within seconds, the camera comes to a halt where the frame manages to capture the image of what had fallen…an Acolyte. The cloak that had been draped so neatly over the figure is torn to shreds at the top with the hood all but ripped away, leaving behind a mess of sparks showering against the floor from what remains of the neck and one arm.]

[As the frame of the Acolyte belonging to Liege Maximo shudders on the floor, there is no sign of the being responsible for its damage…]

((OOC: Please feel free to use this post to tag in character responses/reactions and carry out contact with other characters. X-23 does not have her communicator and will not respond to this post.))
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