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27th-Apr-2014 04:56 pm - [Audio] a little bit of back dating
Has everyone stopped acting crazy so that we can get back to whatever passes as normal around here? Yes? Good.

Just F-Y-I, what I said about wooden soldiers? Yeah, you can completely forget everything I said. I highly doubt they will making an appearance here. If they do, I will be very surprised.

[That whole post is actually embarrassing now that she looks back on it. Most of those wood guys are just disembodied heads sitting on shelves in the business office back home.]

[Locked to Blurr]

Blurr, sweetie? I have an idea I want to bounce off of you. You got a sec?
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24th-Mar-2014 05:36 pm - [Video]
[Have a Cinderella! Though she looks extra alert today and she keeps one hand in her jacket pocket.]

All right, something definitely isn't right. I haven't been this on edge in a long time. [Not since World War II anyway. But at least then she was only worried about human mundies.]

I started feeling this way when I was found these yellow crystals on my way to the library. Can't say I enjoy it too much.

Also, if anyone happens across any new arrivals that are wooden soldiers, don't set them on fire. They're made of a hard wood and thus will burn slowly and will still move while burning. It's not fun dealing with them when they're flaming.
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14th-Feb-2014 06:12 pm - [Video]
[Here's Cinderella, who's pouting a bit while fiddling a bit with the watch she got from Vector Prime.]

Ugh! I'm so bored! There really isn't that much to do around here other than get the Hell out of dodge when something dangerous comes this way.

I hate to admit it, but I need some kind of job before I go insane. So, what's out there that a girl like can do to help out?

Also, while I'm on here...

[She turns a little so that her shoulder is facing the camera. Since she's wearing a cap sleeve blouse, her glyph is visible for all to see! And there is a faint green outline around the gold.]

Can anyone tell me what this green around my glyph means? It wasn't there the other day. I'm really hoping that it's not some kind of alien infection.
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12th-Feb-2014 03:56 pm - [Text and Anon]
Well now, with the First Forged gone that means we're on our own. I'm not one to sit around doing nothing, so I think it's time to offer my services for the good of Haven and the refugees who live here.

And for me to do that I need a contact or two who are willing to work with me and blab about who I really am. Anyone who is interested feel free to reply.

((OOC note: Since Cinderella is not as tech savy as any of the bots or individuals from more advance universes, so her trace blocker is hackable for anyone who would care to hack it. She realizes this, and is moving around in a more populated part of Haven, turning her Device off every now then to make it a bit more difficult, but not impossible.))
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[Despite waking up in a strange place, having no idea how she got there, Cindy remained calm. Wouldn't be the first time she was knocked out and taken to an unknown location after all. At least she wasn't tied up this time. Even seeing the giant robed robot didn't phase her much. It wasn't until the Acolyte finished explaining the her current situation that she had an outburst, not realizing that the audio recording to her Link device was on. Better cover your ears kiddies.]


[Yep that's a woman's voice coming in over the Link. Needless to say she doesn't sound very happy. A few seconds later, the video feed comes on and there is the source of that voice turns out of be a young blonde woman, who indeed looks pretty mad.]

According to tall, dark, and robed here, I just got dumped onto some strange planet that isn't Earth. Admittedly, not the strangest thing to happen to me, but by far the most inconvenient.

Someone please tell me that they're working on a way of getting us back home. Bad enough that I've been tattooed against my will and the only clothes I have are what's in my luggage, but if I miss Fashion Week I'm going to be royally pissed. The only plus side so far is that the tattoo isn't a tramp stamp and the gold looks pretty damn good on me.

[She gives a frustrated sigh. Considering how strange the situation she's in is already pretty bizarre, she guesses she can get away with telling who she really is.]

By the way, the name is Cinderella. Cindy for short. And if you happen to know a story that involves a glass slipper, then yes, I'm that Cinderella.
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