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10th-May-2014 12:17 pm - [Video]
[Rose is in her quarters at Liege Maximo's temple. Her armor jacket is off, and her hand is over the shoulder that bears her glyph.]

I know the glyphs changing is normal, but I have never seen it happen this drastically in such a short period of time.

[She removes her hand and where there was once the vivid green glyph of Liege Maximo with a strong gold outline, there is now a larger golden glyph of Vector Prime with a strong white outline. No hint of green to be seen anywhere on the glyph.]

It's completely changed. The green did not even seem to fade over the past few days. Has anyone else seen this happen before?

[And should she start packing to move to another temple since apparently she wasn't aligned to Maximo anymore?]
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21st-Jan-2014 05:37 pm - [Video]
[Rose doesn't look so good. Her skin seems paler than normal and when she speaks her voice is horse from coughing so much.]

With McCoy gone I really hope there is a medic who knows enough about organic medicine to treat something like this.

[Considering she's been avoiding seeing a medic for a basic medical exam, her asking to see one is a big deal.

[She cuts the feed just as she's about to go into another coughing fit.]
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[Here's Rose! Back safe from fighting the Pillar from down below. Charmer is with her too, perched on her shoulder, and the little firelizard looks even tinier now. Or is it that Rose is bigger? Nah, that can't be it!

[Based on the background it looks like she is outside, in the area between Prima's Temple and the Hub.]

Well, thankfully that Pillar has been dealt with, so maybe things can be a little more peaceful for a while.

I cannot say I am thrilled about the consequence of touching that thing down there. Hopefully this won't last long. At least I won't have to worry about being stepped on for a while.

[To anyone who might see her, Rose is now 20 feet tall.]

[Locked to those who went down to the Pillar]

I managed to find Sentinel.
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9th-Oct-2013 01:41 pm - [Video]
[Rose looks a little scraped and bruised but nothing major. The motorcycle behind her is a possible explanation for minor injuries.]

I think I have finally gotten the hang of using that motorcycle thing. Just need one more thing...

[She brings up a book titled Motorcycles for Dummies. Shhh! She knows the title is silly but it was the most informative book she could find on the subject in the Library. Any way, she opens it a page where there is a picture of a typical motorcycle helmet.]

I have not been successful in finding this kind of helmet in the Juck Pile. Is there someone willing enough to furbish one for me? I am sure I can figure out a way to pay you back for it.
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[Rose feels and looks tired, though otherwise okay. The tiredness being more of a mental thing than anything physical.]

At least it is finally over. I just hope everyone recovers quickly from it.

[She gives a sigh. Might as well get to point of this post.]

I believe it goes without saying that Tarn is no longer part of the Law Committee. And with Smokescreen missing, that leaves me as the only member in the Defense Group. I would rather there be other people working in the group, so anyone who is interested I encourage them to apply to the Law Committee

[Locked to McCrane] )
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28th-Aug-2013 06:18 pm - [Video: Around the Junk pile]
[Well you see Rose at the edge of the Junk Pile with a pretty sweet looking motorcycle standing in front of her, her mech firelizard sitting on the handle bars. She is looking at the thing, a bit perplexed. Motorcycles do not exist on her world and this is the first time she's sees one in person.]

I figure this thing is use for transportation, but....

What exactly is it, and how does one make it work? Such mechanical devices for transportation do not exist on my world, and I am afraid my knowledge is limited to what I have learned since my arrival here.

If anyone could teach me how to use it I would appreciate it. Having something to use for travel other than my Dragoon Armor and my own two feet will be quite welcoming.
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4th-Aug-2013 12:23 pm
[Look who else just dragged herself back from the Badlands. Yep, it's Rose. She's bruised, cut up, bloody, and all together tired, but hey she's still in one piece and can stand on her own. To her, that's a pretty good outcome. Not the best, but still fairly good.

[By the background, you can tell that she's back in Haven, but not that far from the borders.]

Well, that journey was interesting to say the least. I am sure others have already informed you what we found there, so I will not bore by repeating them. Some of the things I did learn were more personal and I have yet to determine if it is good or bad.

[She sighs some. At this point she just wants to take a bath and crawl into bed, rather than look through the Link to what has been going on since the group left.]

Dare I ask what I missed while away?
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[The video starts and you see Rose. Behind you can also see that she is in her room in Liege Maximo's temple. To her right, on a human size table is a pile of lumpy looking clear crystals, with a new robotic firelizard pawing at one of the said crystals. Rose herself is holding a crystal as well, so that the camera has a better view of it.]

I wonder, does anyone know what these are? They are much denser and heavier than what one would expect from an ordinary crystal, thus making them quite strong.

[She already tried to cut one with the Dragon Buster, but it took quite a bit of effort to get part way through.]

I already have a few ideas of what they can be used for, but I would like to know their main purpose. That is, if they are also present on other Cybertrons.

If anyone is interested, I know where there are more of them, as well.
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I think we all need to readdress the issue of Tarn's position on the Committee. Especially considering his recent post on the Link.
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[Greeting Haven! The video starts and shows you quiet an odd group. Rose is standing closest to the camera with Smokescreen close by. In the background, there looms Tarn, being his usual charming self. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Defense committee.

[Rose is holding a pad and clears her throat some before addressing the camera and, thus, the rest of Haven.]

Hello. As some of you may know, Smokescreen, Tarn, and I consist of the Defense branch of the Law Committee. As such, it is our duty to oversee the operations of the Police Force. So after some meetings we have decided on some policies concerning the Police Force and the rights for anyone who has been accused of a crime.

[From the tone of her voice, one can think that those meetings didn't always go smoothly.]

I will like to point out that all the policies were decided on by all three of us agreeing on them.

[She brings up her pad and begins to read off the list of laws.]

First, the Police Force needs to consist of 1/3 Autobot, 1/3 Decepticon, and 1/3 unaligned members.

Second, those who arrive at Haven cannot be persecuted for crimes they have committed in their own world. In other words, everyone gets a clean slate when they first arrive, and thus the Police Force cannot arrest you when you first regain consciousness here, no matter how horrible of a crime you may have committed in your own world.

Third, there will be no arrests unless there is concrete proof that ties an individual to the crime.

Fourth, any accused is innocent until proven guilty.

Fifth, arrests on anyone who is not neutral must be overseen by one Autobot and one Decepticon Police Force member.

Sixth, anyone who has been arrested has the right to any consenting legal representative they want, as long that representative has not also been arrested.

Seventh, any active Police Force members on duty have to work in a group of two or more. On top of that, any on duty Autobot Police Force member must be partnered with a Decepticon and vice-versa.

Finally, should any Autobot or Decepticon wish renounce their affiliation, there will be a form available for you to fill out. Tarn has said he will officiate the ones for the Decepticons. It has yet to be decided who will officiate those for the Autobots.

[She lowers the pad and looks back at the camera.]

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask Tarn, Smokescreen, and myself.
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8th-May-2013 04:59 pm - [Video | Maximo's Temple]
[Rose is in her room, in front of a mirror she had found in the Junk Pile. The armor leather jacket she usually wears is off, and her shirt sleeve is rolled up to, showing her glyph, which is now sporting a black outline. There is a frown of concern on her face, and she addresses the recording Link device without looking away.]

Are these glyphs suppose to change colors, or does this mean that something is wrong?

[Because she's pretty sure that tattoos are not suppose to do something like this on their own.]
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20th-Jan-2013 12:38 pm - [Video]
[Judging by the angle of the camera, you can tell that it was dropped, and thus, started recording. One of those centipede monsters can be seen trying to get at Rose, who is in her full Dragoon armor. The sword that she is using is not a normal one either, as it's able to inflict damage to the beast whenever it got too close to her.

[The create is not the biggest of its kind, but it's not exactly the smallest either. Rose flies around it, dodging its strikes, trying to get high enough to get over its head. Once she gets the to the right height, with her sword tip down, she gives a cry and plunges the sword into the back of the monster's head. She stays on its back as it falls down. Once it stops moving, she withdraws the sword, it's blade disappearing. That's when she notices her device on the ground, and she leaps down to retrieve it.]

Would someone mind telling me what in Soa's name that thing was? [Yeah, she doesn't sound happy at all]

Or is this one of the surprises I was told about when I first arrived here? Needless to say, I am not exactly very thrilled about being attacked like that.
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5th-Jan-2013 09:55 am - [Video]
[Rose is examining the device she was given that she doesn't notice that she turned it on the video application and that she is being recorded. The result, you see a young woman in leather armor, frowning some as she tries to figure the device out. Behind her you can also see the exterior of the temple for Liege Maximo.

[It doesn't take her long to figure long to figure out that she is being recorded, and she gives a sigh of slight annoyance. Might as well introduce herself now.]

Hello. I am called Rose. I wish to ask for more information this Cybertron and what is going on here. The ones who greeted me when I woke up were quite informative, [Such as assuring that this was not some kind of after-life.] But I would like to hear from those who were also brought to this world. Any information you have to offer will be appreciated.
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