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30th-Mar-2014 12:36 am - [Video] Backdated to a few days ago
[Sari is sitting on the floor of her room, surrounded by the wrappers and plates of various half-eaten meals. She looks miserable, ill, and almost gaunt, huddling under a blanket and clutching a styrofoam cup of instant noodles to her chest.]

Guys. Guuuuys. I don't... feel so good.

I think I'm sick or something.

[She moans pitifully, before chucking the cup away into the nearest trashcan with a hiss of disgust. It sloshes everywhere, still mostly full and uneaten.]

I'm soooo hungry.
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29th-May-2013 12:27 am - [Video] Impractical junkyard finds
-oh, hey guys!

[Sari sounds a little out of breath when the video comes up, camera giving a crooked view of the sky and towering piles of junk when she props the comm up against a box. She plops herself down next to it, wiping some sweat off her face with a grimy hand.]

Sooo, I found a thing. I don't know about you guys, but I'm really kind of tired of always having to run all the way to the pantry whenever I want food? Especially cold or frozen stuff? I mean, I have my scooter, but it's a really long ride.

[She makes a face, sticking out her tongue.]

But if I can get one of these to work?

[She leans down, patting the (slightly soggy) box she and the comm are sitting on. It sounds almost hollow- and she picks up the comm to give a better view. Sari is perched precariously on top of an entire pallet of six stacked mini-fridges, intact and still inside their retail packaging. She grins and, still sitting, lifts her legs to brace them against the side of one of the boxes. They are as big as she is when seated, and probably weight just as much if not more, but with the right leverage and a moment of grunting- the box unsticks from the one below it with a tear of cardboard...and slides about two inches. Sari whoops out a weak cheer, flopping back down.]

I totally got this!

...You all can have some too, I guess.  After I get mine.
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[Have a baleful little black eye glaring at the camera. Along with the crackling of a few obvious sparks.]


[Give it a moment. Some of those irritated nonsense words have no meaning at all...and when it next speaks, the furry orange creature sounds a lot like Sari.]

This. This is so -chu! Stupid! Stupid! STUPID!

Can't even- Rai! -Talk right! Aarrgh!

[Apparently the nonsense word tic doesn't seem to adequately express her displeasure. Furry face scrunching, she moves to start a good old tantrum- and accidentally shoots lightning bolts from her face, frying bits of the junk yard she's currently hiding in. Startled, she jumps back, trips over the tail coming out of her backside, and falls over, paws peddling furiously in the air.]
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[So here is Sari's eye. After a moment she moves the camera back, setting her device on a ledge so her entire setup can be seen.]

So you all done getting all fancy or whatever? I've been having real fun.

At least she hasn't read Lord of the Flies )
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16th-Sep-2012 10:17 pm - 2. [ACCIDENTAL VIDEO]
[the video feed opens to dim room. or- not even really that. you can't quite call it a room, it's too /small/. and the walls appear to be made of...

...cushions. and sheets. and...

...oh, look. it's the inside of a pillow fort! complete with two young robo children, one of which is dutifully typing away at a computer, seemingly oblivious to the fact his Device has managed to roll off and start recording of its own accord. the other one is...well.

stuffing herself with candy and already well on her way into a full-on sugar rush. The animated scribblebots can only distract her for so long. Rummaging through the pile of candy wrappers and finding only a snoozing scribble!Bulkhead under the scraps, Sari frowns as the sweet supply appears to be tapped out.

...Raf. Raaaaaaaf.

[he looks up, blinking once]


[She fidgets, twisting a bit of the scrap between her fingers until she can flick a gumball wrapper-turned-folded-football over his laptop screen and into his lap.]

I'm booored. There's no more candy!

Well, I brought most of what I had left....

[Which means she ate waaaay too much, but she'll never admit it. Instead, she jumps up, sending wrappers and scribbles scattering everywhere.]

Ugh! Well come on then! We built this awesome fort, and we're not doing anything with it!

Just give me a minute, okay? I want to finish writing this! [and he looks back down, typing quickly. we're talking turbo speed barely pausing as one of the scribblebots lands on his laptop]

But you've been typing on that all daaay! We can't even watch a movie with you doing that!

[his eyes move to another part of the screen] It's only been...[blink] It can't have been that long?

Oh, it so has!

[And...her grin turns a bit evil. Slowly, she leans down, snagging up one of the spare pillows she'd been sitting on. The scribblebot is perceptive enough to let out a word-bubble filled with only exclamation points, and leaps away from the laptop.]

[Raf is only barely used to those, blinking at the word-bubble before turning to see what it's surprised at, and then his eyes widen] You wouldn't!

I would!

[And she pounces with a girly shriek, swinging the pillow right at his head.

...Glasses? Laptop? WHO CARES!

to which Raf yelps, and promptly slams the laptop shut, ducking to protect it and - well, to AVOID THAT PILLOW

SARI! Not fair!

Totally fair! Everything is fair in pillow fights!

[And she doesn't hesitate to swing again, bapping him on the back of the head and ejecting a good dozen feathers from the ratty thing in the process.

At least let me put my laptop away-!

[he's not waiting for her to give him permission, quickly sighting a cushion to shove it under for protection and diving to do so.]


[She giggles, not worried about it in the slightest, instead upping her attack into frenzied swinging. Bap! Bap! Bap!

Raf only takes this abuse for so long, though; he manages to grab a pillow of his own, knocking over a couple in the process, and using it as a shield for a second or two before swiping at her legs.

unfortunately, the action ends up knocking some of the other cushions loose, and they fall - some on the Device, blocking it from view. there's the sounds of the pillow fight continuing before something knocks said Device off
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[Sari laughs as she turns on the camera; briefly giving a closeup of her eye before deliberately setting the camera down on the floor.]

So, I got the cooooolest surprise this morning!

[Despite the scavenged nature of...pretty much everything in the Haven, what few second-hand items that are visible on the screen make it obvious this is the room of a little girl.

Patchy pink quilt.

Stuffed robo-teddy, minus some stuffing.

Scraggly purple plant in a cracked pot.

Dolls in mis-matched clothing.

Half used crayons...

Scribbly drawings of Autobots and Decepticons alike...that dance into view all on their own.


Read more... )
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