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I don't know what to think with all these disappearances of late, but so long as anyone is still here, we still have things to do, and each other to look out for.

[Yeah, that sounded good. Okay then.]

I've been wondering for a while- I mean, it's not like it seems to be talked about a whole lot so I'm not sure if it's meant to be a secret or something. But...just how many Initiates are there around here? And who do you represent?
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22nd-Dec-2013 01:46 am - ╬ [Video] :: Location - Hub
Err, yeah- so I'm glad that's over.

[He looks a little sheepish as he rubs the back of his head.]

Also, just wanted to say sorry for any damages I...may or may not have caused to the roads a while back. Guess that includes any accidental skidding due to ice. Yeah, thank the pillar thing for that one.
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[He's been staring up at the skies again. Maybe even throwing glares at the Lambda. But it's not long after the feed begins that Hot Rod glances down, then double-takes as he pulls his arm in front of him slightly, taking a better look at the Glyph there.

It still looks a brilliant white- is it brighter? But there's a slight stroke of black around it, as though to better define it against his vivid paint job. Frowning, he lifts his other hand, hesitantly fingering it.

...that can't be good.
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27th-Jun-2013 10:03 pm - ╬ [Video] :: Location - Junk Pile
[Someone's set up several makeshift targets in a slightly level patch within the Pile. Of course, they're only identifiable as targets after an abrupt burst of blaster fire. Well. Four out of five isn't too bad, right?]

Aw, come on!

[Apparently with Hot Rod, it's all or nothing. He glares a bit before taking aim and shooting off another round, grinning in satisfaction as the final target smokes from a successful hit.]

Now that's more like it.

[After a brief moment of consideration, the Autobot moves to set up some new targets. Shh, restless? Never.]
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19th-May-2013 12:16 am - ╬ [Video] :: Location - The Hub
Okay, so I'm still a little...weirded out about this whole thing. I got that it's been at least several months or something since I was last here, and my last visit wasn't all that great, from what I'm remembering.

[Getting crushed with a giant hammer? Yeah, not a pleasant memory.]

Anyway, if anyone cares, I've got one of them glyph things now so I don't think I'll be losing it this time around- I hope, anyway.

[He taps a finger on his arm where the white insignia is, standing out against his more vivid color scheme.]

Oh yeah. By the way, the name's Hot Rod- not Rodimus or Rodimus Prime or whatever other fancy version there is out there. I doubt I'll hear the end of it, but a bot can try, right?

[Pausing for a moment, there's some slight hesitation before he finally continues.]

Um. I heard Ultra Magnus wasn't around any more. I think a couple of other guys from, were around though, the last time I checked. Springer? And scrap, what was the name again...- well he kinda talked weird but yeah- if you guys are still around, I'd appreciate hearing from you.
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22nd-Apr-2013 07:55 pm - ╬ [Video] :: Location - Wastelands
[The feed seems a little shaky at first, but once it comes into focus, all one can see is the dark stretch of the skies above, dotted with the pinpoint lights of distant stars, and perhaps just at its edge, one might catch the fringes of the Lambda's glow.]


[The view shifts, completely tilting on its side to capture the unmistakable grounds of the bleak landscape outside of the Haven. For a moment it remains that way, and then suddenly there's a gasp, and the world blurs as someone jerks to sit upright. It's then that the perhaps familiar magenta and orange paint job can be seen, as well as the stunned face of the young Autobot who so proudly wears it.]


[He's getting this weird feeling of déjà vu.]

...where am I? I thought...
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1st-Nov-2012 08:23 pm - [Video] :: Location - Junkpile
Ugh, my head...

[It's hard to make anything out at first, save for the brilliant glare of blue bleeding like an open wound in the vast expanse of a dark sky.]

Where? [The Autobot finally sits himself up, a hand braced against his head as he looks around. His expression falls.]

...oh you've got to be kidding me. I know we were en route to the Planet of Junk, but come on- how many times are we going to crash land? And we just got that ship!

[He pauses, optics narrowing as he looks around once more. There's...something that... No. Probably his imagination. He shakes his head.]

I know I didn't let any of those big bozos drive so how... Guess I should start with "where." -huh?

[He looks directly at the screen, finally.]

Kup? Wheelie? Hey, I'll even settle for Grimlock! Where are you guys?
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