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So, if anything, these last few days on the Link have proven one thing; the stupid acolytes are not doing their job. Sure, they give a basic rundown of the Lambda but many people are still shocked when their glyph changes. They're shocked to learn that the First Forged are totally creepy and somehow watch our every move then give us weird boons or whatever based on how amusing they think our shenanigans are.

I'm thinking something like Bulkhead's post. A simple FAQ detailing everything people who are new won't think to ask when they first arrive.

Throw all your stupid questions at me, I'll put them in with an answer. Break the news to them that they're stuck here gently! Hell, we should probably start making sure each altar has a good supply of high grade for when they show up.

Nothing like taking bad news with a fragload of alcohol, right?

text - locked to blurr

We need to talk.
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[How odd that he's using text. Blurr will do that as well, if only to be polite.]

It's nice of you to help others during this confusing time, Sentinel. [Blurr's going to ignore Sentinel calling their legitimate questions 'stupid' for the sake of everyone involved'.]


Yes? Is everything alright?
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[Having hands at least is a good thing! Oh MY のωの]

Is that a trick question?


Spider bot...Blackarachnia? What did she do? Do you have some proofs? The word of an agent of the law is a serious thing but having something else to substaint your arguments would be even better.

[She likes BA but the law is the law and attacking someone is out of the question. Blurr got his lawbot mode activated.]
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I see. [Avoiding answering like a pro.]


I can't tell you for sure. ratchet's a doctor, he might be able to replicate it. I think the first thing we can do it to get you to a emdic and see if they can check your inner energon for traces of the paralysis agent. How do you feel now?
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Please don't get mad. It's just that we aren't used to see you ...[HELPING?]...using your time for things like this. I know you are busy mech.


I was talking about the other Ratchet, the crazy one. But if you saw her then that's harder to fake. I'll investigate. I might still be good for you to go see a doctor.
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I wasn't trying to offend you. [Stop making everything so difficult.]


She might, yes, but that's not unexpected. I'll investigate and measures will be taken.

You can't know that for sure, Sentinel.
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Who do you take me for, Sentinel?

[A+ Sentinel.]
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You don't need to say it. [That really offended him. HOW DARE YOU DOUBT OF HIS INTEGRITY.]

Hm. I'll go get Blackarachnia and hopefully we can all figure this out together.
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Oh, you don't even know. After what happened to Wasp I always want to make sure someone's really guilty before condemning them.

Things aren't always what they look like I learned that the hard way.
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Oh right, different points in time...intelligence agent, remember? Among other things I investigated that case and figured out he was framed. By Shockwave, most likely, but never really got enough proofs for that.

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Don't think about it too much, it doesn't really matter now.

[Deep breath, Sent.]
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[AJHSAKSAS you glitch!]