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[The video feed comes on to show Bulkhead, looking serious and all business. There wasn't time for much else. The feed shakes as he's obviously moving, and some might even notice a large, and long, green handle slung over his shoulder.]

Alright, for those lookin' for shelter from the radiation. The Hub has been reinforced. Also, several several rooms in each temple have been reinforced. That way nobody needs to leave the temples if they don't have to.

[He'll attatch coordinates for the room locations in each temple.]

Stay safe, everyone.
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Good job, Bulkhead. Thank you for doing that. Please pass that on to your team too.
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Besides busy, I'm all right. I was built to help handle crises. I've never dealt with one on quite this size of scale before, but…

[There's a part of him that feels like he's in his element, as "bad" as that might be to admit. It's not like he /wishes/ trouble for himself and others – especially others – but…this is the kind of thing he was built for. This is what he was meant to /do/, so for at least a part of him, it kind of feels good to be doing this – to be needed and to be truly serving and protecting the people around him.]

How are you doing, Bulkhead?
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Re: [Video]

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[Not really, but…]

I'll be fine. We just need to get this taken care of as quickly as possible.

[And he'll apologize to Blurr later for disobeying an order from his superior officer . . . because he /is/ going out into the radiation without adequate protection, oops.]
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That's fantastic Bulkhead, thanks.

I moved the food from the pantry to the different temples to keep it safe and to ensure that the organics will have something to eat.
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[Blurr nods back quickly.]

I thought that was important, we don't know for how long this will last. I've been investigating around the temples and the junkpile. I'm not sure if any of those things can't enter the temples but I wanted to make sure it didn't happen.

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I don't quite understand how's that they refuel so much. Is not like they run a much.

[They are so inefficiently designed. No offense.]

Good job, Bulk. We really need to make sure they are safe just in case others get injured too.

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Exactly! But apparently not.

So far, yes. I'm worried about how far it will take for this to go away.
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We can be exposed to higher levels of radiations, but the organics...their food source might already be compromised.
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It's only going to delay the inevitable you know. It'll be more painful this way.
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Right. We're all going to die.
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Help by doing what exactly?