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[It's been long enough that Drift is finally getting actually worried. Especially after Wing had disappeared similarly. He and the jet had looked, as much as they could, checking the room in Vector's, and he's skimmed the rough tracks that passed as roads, looking for the distinctive treads and...nothing.]

[There's a thing called respecting someone's privacy and then there's a point where that just doesn't work anymore.]

Anyone seen Perceptor?

Or Tarn, for that matter?

[Because he's putting two and two together and getting something very, very ugly.]
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[It's been worrying Wing too, especially since Perceptor had agreed to check in with them--or Drift at least--on a daily basis if he went out scavenging. He hopes the scientist hasn't gone out of comm range without telling anyone, or worse, things may have gone amiss like they had for him...]

I hope we hear from him soon. It's been too long without word...
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Maybe he's just out of range?

[Hopeful mech is hopeful.]
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I don't like it either.

[He knows all too well yes. Perceptor should also know better as well, which is what concerns Wing.]

Hopefully we'll hear from someone who's seen him. Maybe coming or going?

If not, we can do another sweep around Haven, maybe check Liege's? And then...the wastelands I suppose?
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How does a whole bloody city disappear?

[O-Oh, Jetfire.]
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Is this something people do these days? Name yerselves after cities? Some sort o' fad? Or have we really gotten that uncreative?
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Decepticons? Or some new faction?

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The last time I saw Perceptor was at the games. But when I go my rounds, I'll keep an eye out.


I can imagine you may possibly be forming a search party of perhaps four or five people to look for Perceptor if you receive no word within the next day or two, am I right?

[Note how he says a group. And four or five people. Suggesting not going alone. And how he doesn't bring up looking for Tarn. But--]

If it comes to that, I'd like to join you.
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Exactly. If Perceptor's wounded, I can treat him right on the spot.

[And, you know... he kind of wants to get out and drive and drive and drive and make sure YOU don't do anything dumb and just maybe sort of be kind of social okay]

Right. Then that makes two. We should get two more people, at least. I'm sure Wing will come along, assuming he's not still rummaging around for stasis cuffs.
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[Dammit, Drift. You need to work on that.]

I'm not sure. Someone else who has braved the Badlands and knows their way around.


What about Blurr?
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Well, someone who won't come back practically half-dead.


Good. If he can't do it, I'm sure you'll find someone who will. We're not short reckless people.

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Tarn's busy. Whatta want? Decided t'surrender?
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I'm his partner! His partner!

An'... What if he did? Whatcha gonna do about it?
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Autobots an' traitors ain't innocent. [huff]

An'... maybe. I could ask. If ya beg.
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[Oh, well, um-- LOOK SHUT UP!] But at least we ain't cowards like you! Runnin' off with all yer pistons shakin' like a sparkling.

[HUFF] Ya won't be sayin' that when he suddenly shows up in yer room one day.
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Tarn's around.

[Don't ask Barricade why he knows. They may have had tea together at some point.]

Guessing y'mean the Perceptor with the thing f'r sniping? Haven't seen him since the games. [Of course, he may have taken a several-day nap immediately after that...]
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[Wish he could help.]

We sent out trackers or anything to look for him? If nothing else there oughta be a trail to follow to where ever he's gotten to.

[Even if that trail ends in the Badlands or a grave.]
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My bet is he's preparing another 'lesson'.
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I haven't seen Perceptor since he found me in my office.

[And he doesn't like that. At all. Especially considering how their sessions had been going.]

If you're going to look for him, I'd like to come.
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Considering the sheer length of time that I have been functioning and surviving, despite what may have happened as of late in Haven, I am quite capable of handling myself.

Plus, Perceptor is my patient and if there's a chance that something we've been discussing is the cause of this, it would be for the best if I were there to talk to him if need be.
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I'm fairly certain that every Cybertronian's life has been full of danger at a certain point in time, if not for the course of their entire existence.

But, since I'd much rather find Perceptor than argue with you, I'll take this to Ultra Magnus if I must and have him accompany me to find him.
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Yes, because finding Perceptor is all about who is expendable and who isn't.

[Someone's getting angry. Just a little bit.]

It's about finding Perceptor and making sure that he's okay.
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Oh so you can handle someone that's having a mental breakdown? Can you guarantee me that he would come back in one piece without having further psychological damage?