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Skywarp is gone.

[Yep, that's all you get, Haven.  Not even proper video.  And don't ask him how he knows, he just . . . does.]

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You've confirmed this?
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To the badlands.

[He doesn't ask, because if it were death or hiding then Thundercracker would have been the first to know. It must be the badlands.]

Do you think the pillar has anything to do with this?
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It's not that simple.

[It never is.]

Shall we do what Decepticons do best, in that case?
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[In which case, we'll just assume this post moves right into the one on Megatron's post shall we~?]
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Gone how?
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Oh. That sort of gone...

[Glit droops at the news; annoying or not, Skywarp was one of the few truly familiar faces.]