happyduckbutt: (Aaaaqua- Terra ate my puppy again)
Ventus ([personal profile] happyduckbutt) wrote in [community profile] re_alignment2014-07-29 05:13 pm

☄ [Video] :: Location - Prima's Temple

[The boy stands near the entrance of the temple, his eyes closed as he extends a hand in front of him.

Bright light flashes before him, splitting into two as they begin to stretch out and take shape- humanoid shape. Their features become more distinct, color tinging their glowing forms, a young woman and spiky haired young man.

When Ventus opens his eyes, he brightens, unable to keep a smile from his face. His expression immediately becomes a little sad as he sees them both smile back, each holding a hand out to him. He can take those hands in his, squeezing them even though it's not the same. It's far from the same.

Lowering his head, he holds onto those hands, even as he lets their forms lapse and vanish.

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