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In the sky above the Haven, Unicron descends; mandibles spreading wide as he attempts to pull the planet toward him, vacuuming friend and foe alike toward his crushing maw. His massive, planetary form presses against the crackling rim of the Lambda in his eagerness to consume the world, trying to somehow physically force the rift to widen.

The sound space makes as it tears is beyond words or reason, a sound-sense-taste of crackling static, acrid, painful and lurid all at once.


In the Badlands, the enemy surges, the risen shadows responding to the call of their master as he blots out the light from the stars. Where one is downed, two- five- ten rise in their place.

Hold the line. It is all either group can do, and they do it well - but that goal is quickly turning impossible with every inch in Unmaker gains.

Time is running out.


Only in the Core is the enemy more limited; more easily crushed. With the swarm largely downed, repairs are frantically underway.

The blackened edges of dark taint cast away.

Circuits and massive machinery repaired.

Conduits refueled.

The Core begins to hum, powering up; waiting and ready.

"Prima!" Solus cries out toward the surface after the final hammer-swing. By all rights, he should not be able to hear her.

But in the sky above, the leader of the Thirteen breaks away from the fight immediately. Retreating to his Tower, where Prima's light has always glowed - faltered with arrival of Unicron, but still glowed...

And then it does more than simply glow.

It ignites into a blazing beacon, just missing the Lambda as it blasts out into the heavens. Past atmosphere and moons, it reaches out toward the star growing bright in the sky. Unicron roars in his outrage, making the planet quake, thrashing against the Lambda and pressing through-!


And then, the light

Comes back

The blazing star comes with it- like a spark, but thousands of times greater and of an unnameable plethora of hues, glowing like a moon about to crash into the world; radiating a limitless sense of power and peace and yet still seeming to occupy more space than visibly possible.

For one long moment, it hovers above the surface, imposing itself between Unicron's maw and the planet. The shadows burn away in the light, and Unicron's roar of challenge is infuriated - pained.


The glow becomes blinding, deafening- the last glimpse anyone can process is of the rift that is the Lambda shrinking as Unicron cringes back, forced out and away. The view of Unicron's dark corner of space is lost, the rift's origins and endpoints becoming as indistinct as an aurora once again-

And then, with a flash, the great light of Primus is gone, blazing it's way down into the core.


For a moment, all is silence.


Then the entire world quakes yet again, thrumming with the physical force of the light settling in, filling the entire, massive core chamber. The machines and constructs deep beneath the surface rumble to life; circuits lighting up, branching out until they reach the far flung edges of the world.

The planet heaves it's first 'breath'.

Congratulations, heroes.

Cybertron is born at last.