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3rd-Jan-2014 04:55 am - [video]
I'm... sorry to have to deliver news like this just after New Years, but. I don't think ignoring it for the sake of a holiday would be the right thing to do.

McCoy's gone.

[it takes him a few seconds to continue]

I went to visit him after I got out of the medbay - same temple and all that - and it turns out he... left a video and some personal effects.

[isaac fiddles with something offscreen]

If anyone wants to see the video he left in full, I'll send it to your device. He did leave a few things to people, too.

Kids, you were left with a warning to take care of yourself lest he haunt you and give you a lecture on safety. You guys also get first pick of the food and clothing.

Red Alert, the good doctor left you his medical equipment. I can bring it over to the medbay sometime in the near future.

[there's a sigh] I'm sorry.

( ooc: flow wrote a brief summary of what he left for me and the ending of the video; "He smiles at the end of the video, winks, and says, "Good luck without me. You're gonna need it." ;_;)
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14th-Dec-2013 03:24 am - [video/action] from the medbay
[guess who's conscious again!]

So, guessing from the recent network posts that Pillar had it's ass kicked back through the Lambda? It's really good to see the damage was minimal, you guys did a fantastic job.

I'm currently a little bit... impaired, but if there's anyway I can help with anything, let me know.

[locked to strelok] )
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25th-Oct-2013 10:32 pm - [video]
[woah, isaac is actually wearing his helmet for the first time since he arrived! you'll have to excuse him; the storm is messing with his ptsd and wearing it makes him feel a bit more comfortable]

This weather is, uh, interesting.

It's not a regular occurrence, is it?
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6th-Sep-2013 06:48 pm - [VIDEO | Solus Prime's temple]
I wish I could say being transported to another universe was the strangest thing that's happened to me.

[Despite his initial comment being fairly light hearted, Isaac is frowning.]

Assuming these robots haven't been loaded with the wrong data, I'm supposed to believe I'm on a planet called Cybertron? Can't say I've heard of it before.

[Sigh] At least I'm... safe now. I assume these robots have some sort of defense function - God knows I could use a break.

Anyway, the original broadcast of this video was to see whether I'm alone or not. Spending the rest of my natural life with these mechs isn't really my idea of retirement.
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