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9th-Sep-2012 10:05 pm - [video]
[what the... mister TEXT POSTS DAMN YOU ROBOTS YOU ARE WATCHING ME made a video?]


[he's set up the camera so it's looking up at him on top of a pretty magnificent pile of junk. On this pile he has set up:

a Yamaha keyboard

an electric guitar

an amp

and some kind of complicated device... thing. Someone spent the past week doing NOTHING BUT THIS

He leans over and fiddles with the devices, and some tunes start playing. Then he picks up the guitar and starts singing.

It is the following song.

[AND HOLY SHIT IS IT LOUD. It's unclear what Joe did to make this happen, or why, but GODDAMN. somehow he's temporarily overriden the device volume, so god help you if you had headphones in, or if this is part of your system.]

[He gets REALLY into it too, dancing around and kinda flailing. Dammit Joe, you had a concussion, you should not be doing this YOU DON'T CARE NOBODY TELLS YOU WHAT TO DOOOOOOO

As a final interesting note, Joe sounds EXACTLY like the singer in that clip, so he actually sings pretty fucking well. HMMM

[[ooc: Joe is under the effects of his Missing Page. He is going to be even more obstinate than usual.]]
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3rd-Sep-2012 07:55 pm - one ember | [multimedia post]
[This starts out as a video of someone in a leather jacket and a somewhat intimidating helmet. It looks like the helmet and jacket have seen better days, by which we mean somebody's pretty clearly been through an explosion. An observant person might be able to tell by the background that this is somewhere in Megatronus' temple]

-- wasn't making them that big before. Jesus christ. I have to-- OH HELL NO. NO VIDEO YOU BASTARD

[the device is hurled across the room and shorts out. The audio's still working though]

Where's the mic? Even Wily doesn't make his shit this complica--------

[and that's the audio broken. There's nothing for a while, then, oh look, text from the same source]

holy hell my head hurts
okay listen up wily if your here i dont believe your robots shit about this being some other planet
that is seriously the stupidest bullshit youv ever fed this city and you hv fed us some stupid bullshit
i mean aliens really wily
you tried that once and nobody thought it was cool

so tgeres a few opsions:

1. robot lied and im dead this seems unlikely because my head is fucking the worst
2. this is some part of wilys complex that id didnt wknow about and hes toying with me (this seems liegit) (wouldn't put it past you to have this tech) (but in that case wow i am more fucked than i thought)
3. this is the future womehow and veryones dead adn i failed and robots are everywhere and whatever
4. it was telling the truth and this si some alien planet where robots run everything

everything is terrible and everything hurts
why am i debating this in the opn where he can see it
i mean you can see it
o yea concussion
and i am pretty sure my blood is moslyt alcohol atm

if this is another planet have you invented a hangover cure yet also a cure for concossions because yeah
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