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25th-Dec-2013 02:05 pm - [001 | Video]
[It was odd going from passing out in a wasteland on Cybertron to waking up in a building on Cybertron. What was even more weird was the fact that Bee didn't recognize the building nor did he recognize the bot--the Acolyte?--that was there to greet him when he woke, explaining things to him and informing him that he was on Cybertron but not the one he was familiar with.

...Because that made lots of sense.

Bee sat on the edge of his berth, confused and irritated, staring at the communicator that he'd activated once he was left alone.]

So this is either some strange hallucination or a cruel joke and I'm not sure which one I feel more inclined to believe at the moment.

[Because this couldn't be real. There was no way.]

Ironhide? Prowl? Are either of you getting this? I have no idea where I am--or why I'm suddenly completely fine--but I'd really like to get out of here.
donttasemebee: (Pained Bee)
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