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[Hello Cybertron. I bet you're wondering why the feed is clicked on to show a blank, empty showing of Cybertron landscape. Well, keep your tails 3...2....1...

A little puffball seems to run across the screen barking up a storm, skidding to a stop in front of the screen. Oh. That turned on.]

I'm not in my body anymore!



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7th-Jan-2013 04:33 pm - 04// [Accidental Video]
 [Well, someone had found their present the Lambda gave them, although a little late than most.  He's just not very perceptive, okay? In fact he's a little surprise he even had a gift wrapped and addressed to him. so he the feed clicks on to show him lightly touching the paper, delicately trying to open it. A part of him wants to keep it wrapped, knowing full well the 'humor' this place seems to have, but alas, curiosity gets the better of him.  When it's unwrapped, it appears to be...a red desk lamp.  Well, it matches his coat, right?

And from the look on his face, you'd think he'd just been shot. couldn't be...]

Ray? Ray!

[He leans over, inspecting every part of this present, eyes as wide as dinner plates.]

Ray! It's me, Sissel! 

[The lamp doesn't move, but one of those words seems to trigger something, and the lamp flickers on. Sissel recoils back in surprise.  No, no this was too good to be true. He gave the lamp a slight poke, and it's stem bent in response.  There was no reaction, no nothing. Just a lamp who's light had flickered on.  It made Sissel's 'heart' sink as he slumps back, looking at it sadly.

He'd gone from completely happy to...pranked in about five minutes.]

Whoever did this has a weird sense of humor...

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9th-Dec-2012 01:03 am - 03// [Video]
[The feed clicks on, and it shows Sissel, slightly limping back towards Vector Prime's temple.  Why is he limping? Well, he seems to be rather beaten up, his sunglasses cracked, his coat torn and burnt, his hands a sickening black colour. Someone had obviously gotten too close to the crossfire.]

I hate to bother anyone...but-

[His hand removes itself, and...well...

The whole left side of his chest is completely blown open. This would normally be bad for a human, but...he's not bleeding. If you look past the charred and shredded clothing, it seems to be a prosthetic casing with...what looks like a robotic skeleton underneath. There's a ribcage, bones...everything but in robotic form. It's almost too aesthetically similar...But how is this being powered? Well, right where his heart is is a
blue glowing...something.

It seems to be powering everything within the chest, and even branching out to other parts of the body.]

I need a doctor.

[The tone in his voice sounds rather urgent.]

I'm not sure which kind is best at this, but.. I'll take anyone!

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9th-Nov-2012 03:28 pm - [Video]
 [Sissel is a man of few words when not engaged in a conversation. He's more of a thinker, and boy, had his mind been on something recently. After finding out that he would NOT perish upon the next day, he's been scoping the place out now and again, just to see what there was. Cybertron certainly was a sight, and he could honestly say nothing could compare to it.  And why couldn't he compare it? Because...well, he didn't know anything else. Before he arrived in this place, he had a cumulative total of three hours of consciousness.  

Three hours of Earth as he knew it. 

It was sad when Cybertron was the more familiar of the two.

So he has a question for you, resting a hand near his mouth as he sets the phrase in his head.  How do you really ask something like this? At least without looking like you've grown a second head or anything.]

When you lose a do you regain it?

[Ray said it took time...but he's getting worried.]

And...does anyone know how to read?
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[Sissel wasn’t an easy one to surprise, but he had to admit, this was one of the last things he expected.  He’d already woken up unconscious once, but that was after his death.  And now he was...doing it again?  How does a ghost die again? You’d think once would be enough.  It wasn’t made easier being surrounded by giant...things that called themselves Acolytes (whatever that meant) and told him he was on a planet called Cybertron. 

Now...either he really messed up traveling through some phone lines...or there’s something bigger going on. He basically took everything the Acolytes said at face value, and when they left, something finally sunk in. Something that confused him far more than being stuck on some ‘planet’ that wasn’t Earth.

He could move. 

His hands fiddle with the device he was given, a little too jittery than what should be considered normal, and when the feed clicks on, you’re greeted to a rather confused man in sunglass-sir what is your hair even.]
I’m alive.
[Yes, thank you Sissel.]
I’m alive and I shouldn’t be.
Is there anyone on the other side of this? I really need to get back home. I don’t have a lot of time.
[He’s got less than 8 hours left of his ‘afterlife’, he’s got to make them count.]
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