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9th-May-2014 05:14 pm - [[Video/Action :: Outside of Haven]]
-aw come on, not now!!

[The boy curses over the sound of warning alerts, the feed shaky as wherever he is, it looks like Garrod is struggling with some sort of controls. Those blinking lights around him can't be good.]

Come on, come on, come on- Crap, no good, I gotta slow this thing down somehow..!

[He glances around frantically before it seems something comes to mind.]

Hope the Harmonica's still got some juice..!

[Flipping a few switches, he wrestles again with the main controls of his Gundam, concentrating on the main screen before him as he watches the ground get closer with each second.]


[There's a flare of reddish light, and depending on where one is around the Northeastern edges of the Haven, one might see a large white mech in mid-plummet, suddenly firing off a stream of multiple beam blasts from a long shield-like weapon. It serves to provide a brief buffer in the Gundam's descent, but the landing is still a rough one once it does touch down with its feet, the ground crumbling at its impact, sending the mobile suit sprawling forward a good couple of miles before it halts.]


[The image rattles badly with the landing, and Garrod himself is thrown forward in the mech's cockpit, unmoving as the lights within fade out along with the alarms system.]
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27th-Jan-2014 09:59 pm - [[Video/Action :: Junk Pile]]
[Oblivious to the current outbreak of unusual sicknesses and whatnot, Garrod is...apparently fine since he's poking about the Pile with no difficulties.

He uses a long bar of metal for leverage to shove heavier pieces of scrap aside, seeming right at home when it comes to scavenging. Something seems to catch his eye, and he grins, propping up his tool so he has his hands free as he crouches down.


[He pulls up a can, and then setting it beside him, works out a couple more, slightly dented but still in good shape. The boy sits down cross-legged as he inspects them.]

Woohoo, canned beans! these things expire?

[Setting all but one down, he pulls out a multitool from his beltpouch. ....Garrod, are you really- yes. Yes he is. He opens up the top of the can and then after taking a sniff, swaps out his multitool for a spoon.]
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