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25th-Apr-2014 02:40 am - [Video]
[Oh look, it's the cat loving Predacon. Only he's without the cats this time. They're fine, honest. There's probably some very disappointed cats in Trion's room now. They had him visiting for over a week.]

Hnn, I am not sure what to think of those...crystals that made me like those...cats. Their company was nice...but I am glad it is over.

However, I am wondering. Has anyone heard from Darksteel?

[Not hearing from the other Predacon at all is worrying him.]
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[The video comes on to show....the site of domestic cats, many of them. Anyone that knows about it, might recognize that it's the inside of Trion's infamous cat room. The most surprising sight, though, might be the bot in with them. Namely a certain Predacon named Skylynx.

Oh primus, he's going to eat the poor little kitties! Somebody go save them!

....except for the fact that he seems to be...playing with them. No really, playing with them. He's got a few of their toys clutched in a claw, moving them back and forth for a group of the cats to chase, jump and pounce on. He also seems to have a few on his shoulders, and some even swatting at the wings on his back where he sits on the floor.

But instead of being a grump, he's smiling and laughing at their antics. He doesn't even seem to realize the feed is on.]
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[He hadn't considered it at first. But, he needed something to do, especially since hunting for bones wasn't a thing here. But he'd considered it more after the incident with that crazy mech. It sounded like thet could use more members on it.

So police guys, have an..interested, if gruff, Predacon inquiring of you.]

How would one go about joining your...police force.
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[This has been the strangest day ever in Skylynx's short life. Waking up on apparently another Cybertron, and being informed so by some robbed figure. He had listened of course. It was better know what he could about this planet he was on, then to know nothing.

At some point afterwards, he's accessing that communications thing that the figure mentioned. Deep yellow eyes peering into the feed as the video comes on, robotic 'eyebrows' pinched down as he focuses and makes sure the thing is on. Once he's sure he leans back from the feed, brows shifting back up some.]

So. I am on another planet called Cybertron. [There's an intrigue rumble after that statement.] It's in better shape, than the one I was just on.

[Younger, more primitive Cybertron. Was that more like the ones his ancestors grew up on? Still he's only to say one more thing before he cuts the feed.]

Darksteel. If you are here, brethren, report in.

[Then the video cuts. He needs to know if his brother is here.

Not long after, for anyone about the Haven, if they look up, there's a rather large Cybertronian dragon in the skies. He's looking about, with head lowered to do so at times. He may also hover to closer inspect something, like one of the temples. Or that huge stone pillar that's sticking out of the ground in the middle of everything.]
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