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7th-Apr-2014 07:19 pm - [Video]
[Skyfire is still pretty embarrassed by this whole thing, so he'll keep it short and sweet.]

I would like to apologize for my recent behavior, first of all. Particularly for the wonderful first impressions with some of you.

More importantly, I still have plenty of things that don't belong to me and need to be returned. I'm not quite sure I remember what I took from where, so... if you are still missing instruments or tools, they're probably in my room.
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I'm sorry to bother you like this, Kagerou, but... may we speak, if you have the time?

I've had a talk with Alpha Trion and - well. I'd rather talk about the details in person instead of on the network. But he suggested contacting you.
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[The video starts suddenly and at an odd angle, as if someone just hit the device by accident. It shows Skyfire next to Blurr, who’s leaning against him, and they are at the bar. His table is filled with empty cubes of energon but both of them have one on their hands.

And I was talking with Blackach…no..Blacchira ..lbackarchnia…that nice spider lady the other day about how we should had a celebration because no one died or disappeared in two weeks and now this happens and it’s awful because I looked everywhere and I can’t find them and what if they are hurt and I am usually good at tracking down people I did that with the decepticons back home even if It doesn’t matter here anymore but what was I saying ah yes yes Wing’s nowhere to be found and neither’s Drift and he built me a garage, Wing not Drift, even though perhaps Drift helped too…. and that was really sweet and I miss him already.

[After finding Wing’s message Blurr needed a drink, or a dozen, and some company. Jetfire tagged along with him but he underestimated the capacity of Blurr’s engine when it came to burn the fuel he drank. Since he tried to keep up with the smaller bot, they were now a little bit less sober than usual.]

I'm gonna miss them too. So many people just disappear...

[It was making him even sadder than usual. Or perhaps it was the extra energon cubes. In any case, Skyfire felt the sudden need to give Blurr a crushing hug.]

You're not going to leave too, right? I like you.

((OOC: Blue is Blurr, red is Skyfire!))
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25th-Apr-2013 11:02 pm - [Video]
[Skyfire has in fact been paying attention to the network, even though he's been mostly quiet about it. There is a lot going on that he doesn't feel ready to talk about. He's kept himself informed about the Law Committee, but doesn't quite consider himself qualified to give a useful opinion just yet. The deaths and disappearances... he would feel like he was intruding on those who knew the missing mechs better than him.

But there
is something he simply must ask about.]

So, these... I hesitate to call them "ghosts", but it seems to be the most practical term for them.

Are there any theories on what they are? From the reactions on the network, I can tell they are unusual - and I hadn't seen any of them until a little while ago, myself. I have to admit I'm curious.

I'm afraid I don't have enough information to come up with any theories of my own so far. I've only managed to catch a few quick glimpses. But perhaps someone else has had more luck?
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12th-Mar-2013 05:41 pm - [Video]
[It's a good thing Skyfire has been paying attention for the last couple of days. He sounds less surprised, and more... curious?]

It's happened, after all! I was wondering if I would get to change species, too. Such a fascinating possibility... There are so many things I want to find out. How does the mass shift even work?

Ah, but - I digress. I was going to ask if anyone could let me know how do humans usually get food and their appropriate needs around here. These bodies need quite a bit of maintenance, from what I've learned back on Earth.

[Then he stops, as if he'd just realized something, and you get a sheepish grin.]

... I'm Skyfire, by the way. I. Probably should have started with that.
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[The video feed shows a very serious, very large Autobot. He looks calm, but... not particularly happy at the moment.]

My designation is Skyfire, Autobot scientist. I have just arrived and received a basic explanation, so that part is covered, mostly. Hard to believe as it might be.

That said - If there are any other Autobots from the same Cybertron I come from, that would be nice to know.
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