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29th-Oct-2012 11:06 am - [VIDEO]
Question for the class.

[The thing about building a swoop bike is that you need a decent space to work in, and to build and stock up a workshop you need supplies, and when the supplies are whatever scrap you can rustle up... well, if there's anything Revan likes, it's a challenge.]

[The feed shows a grimy, very dusty Jedi, sitting on... imagine someone took a motorcycle, stripped it down to its bare essentials, ditched the wheels, and screwed on a couple of flimsy-looking stabilizer foils for good measure. Even in this stripped-down state, it's clearly missing many vital parts. Like an engine. Won't be running any time soon. Revan has an... introspective expression on her face. Looks like she's pulled an all-nighter at the med bay.]

Let's say you've done some nasty stuff in the past. Back when you were young and stupid and thought you were going to change the world. And it... only recently hit you how bad things really got.

Not specifying what, exactly; what counts as "bad"'s gonna be different wherever you come from.

Now, my question is, what do you do about that?
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26th-Sep-2012 06:33 pm - [VIDEO]
That's where I fell out of, huh?

[The feed shows a blurry, unfocused shot of the Lambda. From the tint of the sky, this is probably being recorded somewhere near Prima's temple. The view switches to a wary-looking human in scuffed brown robes; she's frowning and looking up at the glowing tear in the sky.]

I guess I'll buy it. I've never seen anything like that. Pretty, though.

[She shakes her head, at last looking down at the camera.]

My name is Revan. If you recognize that name... all I can say is I'm not who you think I am.

Bastila, if you're here: Come in, please. I haven't seen anyone from our happy little family, so I'm hoping they're with you.

[There's an edge to her tone. Revan's sense of the Force has been muted since she woke up—not gone, just strangely muffled. With luck, that's the only reason why she can't detect the other Jedi's presence, but Revan doesn't make a habit of trusting to luck.]
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