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1st-Sep-2013 02:16 am - [Video]
[Wrex seems to be recovering from a hell lot. He's not one to let combat weigh him down since he's seen centuries of it, but it's obvious that this last fight wore him down a bit physically.

He's sitting on a large jutting rock against the backdrop of Megatronus' quadrant. Beside him a small creature, black and leathery with jutting teeth and beady eyes, tries to nudge him into something. the Krogan keeps shoving him off. He just had great luck, he came to the junkpile to find a pack of Varren waiting for him, forcing him to shoot and scare off the rest--all but one.]

It's over.

About time. But don't think this is the last fight.

Knowing this place...

[Get out of the camera, you damn creature. Wrex shoves him again.]

Knowing this place, I doubt this isn't anywhere near the end of the fighting.

[Speaking of things not ending.]

Anyone want this thing? Got rid of most of its pack, but this guy won't leave me alone.
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3rd-Jun-2013 05:10 pm - [Video; Megatronus' Temple]
[Wrex feels like he just got up and is ready to take on the world. Wrex feels like he blended twenty of those mornings and down them in a ryncol milkshake of energy. He felt like he could get up and flip an entire Prime over.

It all had something to do with his glyph, he knew that. In fact he's showing off his glyph right now. The glyph has gone up in size, a faint little blue light going around it. He hasn't felt this rejuvenated for decades, it's time he did something with it. ]

Better than any tattoo I'd get in my life. Whatever it is I'm doing, I need to do more of it.

[Back to the important stuff. He's been letting his krogan ass collect dust, he needs to get up and do something.]

Feel like I could knock over a geth colossus. In fact, I could knock over one of you synthetics right now.

How about it? Krogan warrior against a synthetic, one on one? Go ahead, take me on, don't worry about hurting me, I can take care of myself.

If there's any takers, you know where I am.
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10th-Mar-2013 11:39 am - [Voice]
[Someone woke on the wrong side of the planet. Nothing more annoying that waking up with...stuff all over your skin, so much it was wonder he didn't overheat. But no that wasn't the worst of it. Now he was small--compared to a krogan, at least. Everything about this body felt inferior, weak. And most of all he wasn't sure whether he should seep or not (the planet seemed to have thrown his sleep schedule out of whack.)

This was just a great day, he should share it with all of you. The former krogan-now-turned-whatever-Rocket-was now appears on the network. Anyone can notice how softer his voice sounds.]

I didn't think the universe could get crazier than it was. But even without you, Shepard, this hunk of trash proves me wrong.

Anything else you want to try, you big damn hunk of rock? Why not drop more geth? Hell, why not turn Garrus into a freakshow too?

Anyone who wants to clue me in on what's going on, be my guest.

[The phrasing of that request sounds more like a challenge. Go one, make him even angrier, he dares you.]
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[The network turned on by accident, we’re not models. The communicator flips on to an unusual show. Anyone expecting anything norman should give up just now, because onscreen is a lopsided communicator camera in the middle of a scurrying horde of mechanical centipedes. In the midst of this chaos stands one surly lizard man and an ever surlier racoon. Pumping his rifle, he nods to the smaller creature.]

With the network, we’ll see who gets the high score.

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(((OOC: Both Rocket and Wrex will be replying to this post.)))
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26th-Dec-2012 05:25 pm - [Video: Megatronic Temple]
[Someone ripped through their present in no time. That same someone went through a bit of their present in the same time as well. The camera is lying on the ground at the scene of the crime. Soon enough the criminal crawls into view, a little groggy. In one hand, he begins wolfing down...something. Whatever it was, it's gone.

It doesn't take much to notice that this guy is loaded out of his skull. He looks to the camera with a bleary grin.]

Heard it was Chrismas...well you know, you know... I'm not only a bouncy--bouncer hunter I'm Santa Claws.  Ho ho ho ho.

[His face suddenly turns to the utmost seriousness.  Groggily the camera whirls through the air suddenly drawing in to the landscape of Wrex's face.]

So you little humans better be good. Cause I'm your god. Urdnot Santa, saver of the humens. There's gonna be fun fires everywhere!

[Off screen there is the sound of something being shattered.]

Oops. And--and--and don't worry. I got a present for all the synths.

[He knocks the screen with a rock.]

Coal. So you can shove it up your tailpipes, Cyberprawn.  Ho ho ho. Merry Christmas.

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30th-Nov-2012 07:21 pm - [Video: Megatronic Temple]
[You thought Garrus was ugly? Clearly you haven't met this dashing hunk. Yeah, waking a krogan on the wrong side of the bed wasn't such a great idea. In fact it's a wonder he hasn't torn up the place.

Either way, Wrex is not exactly the happiest with his new living arrangements or the fact someone tattooed him without permission. You could very well say he's irritated.]

Great, a whole planet of synthetics. Never thought I'd find something worse than the geth.

[He snorts derisively, looking around the temple. It's a bit of a fixer-upper, but Wrex isn't exactly impressed.]

So lemme guess, chances of getting back aren't good. If that's the case, just tell me two things: one, where I can get some ammo and two, who do I shoot.
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