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9th-Oct-2012 10:30 pm - [Video] Location: The Junk Pile
[The video flips on and Blades is panicking.]

Someone help me please! There's something inside me and it won't get out and every time I try to reach in to get it, it just growls at me!

[He pushes the camera down to the glass of his cockpit where the tips of something fuzzy can be seen over the dashboard.]

Please help! It tickles and it's eating Dani's cereal!

[And then it clicks off as Blades starts flailing.]
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4th-Oct-2012 01:18 am - [Video] Location: Nexus' Temple
[The video clicks on far too close to Blades' face as he seems to be squinting at something. Realizing the camera is on, he blinks and backs up, hurrying to put a smile on his face.]

Hello! Hi everyone out there! I'm Blades. So, I guess we're all a little lost, or something? I don't know, some guy just told me I was in a lamb or something... looks like Cybertron to me. At least... sort of. There aren't all the cities and buildings and lights, but I know Cybertron like... Well, like home.

[A soft sigh as he wonders what home is exactly right now. Griffin Rock feels the most like home. But no time for that. A slight shake of his head brings him back to the here and now.]

Anyhow, if anyone sees my teammates, I'd appreciate it. There's a fire truck named Heatwave, a police car named Chase, and a bulldozer named Boulder. They're all really nice and I miss them. Of course, seeing as I heard we're stuck here, I'd love to get to know some of you too! I'm always up for making new friends. I've been so busy pretending to be a robot lately, it's been hard to talk to people.

[Oh, maybe he shouldn't mention that. Oops. A sheepish smile before he continues.]

Yeah. So... Hi again, and bye for now! [An enthusiastic wave and the screen blinks out.]
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