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26th-Aug-2012 03:00 pm - [video]
Hello, everyone. I apologize for being quiet... I went on a sabbatical of sorts, to contemplate matters in isolation. An artist's retreat, if you will.

In the time I was away, I decided... this is a new beginning, for both myself and others. I am to cast off the vestiges of my past, and step forward into the light. I would like to contribute to the budding culture of this new world, as both an artist and perhaps a teacher.

Wing, my friend, I have heard you and others are working on a recreational center. I would like to assist in any way I can.

To the rest of you... I am considering beginning a class on the art of the written word. Would anyone be interested?
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4th-Aug-2012 12:56 am - [Audio]
Well, this is just perfect. I'm just beginning to get settled on my Cybertron, and I end up here, on some barely formed rock, hearing some story about the "first-forged."

... Well, it could be worse, I suppose. And it's not much different from the planet I found when I... came back, I suppose.

Salutations. My name is Sky-Byte. I am a storyteller. A poet. An entertainer, if you will. And I suppose if I'm stuck here, I might as well make the best of it, eh?


Is there a bar anywhere abouts? Because I need a stiff drink right about now.
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