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24th-Aug-2013 12:24 am - [video] post 2
[The video starts out showing Bumblebee, who is inside the pantry as can be seen by the shelving around him. Then it shifts to showing off his glyph, which is still fully blue, but more vivid than before.]

Can anyone tell me why in the heck it's doing that?

Is it important or a BIG DEAL-

[He looks curious more than anything else, his compelation of audio clips to form the question even taken from things that were asking questions, for the most part.]
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16th-Mar-2013 09:55 pm - [Video/action] Species Swap
[There is yet another 'new human' on the link people, and fortunately he is clothed. He makes a few strange expressions as he works out his human face before finally speaking.]

I... am human now, apparently.

[The voice comes over with a thick English accent but is very rough and uncertain.]

This is... Bumblebee.

I can speak like this... but... it's not... comfortable.

[While he had been speaking the area around him had changed as he made his way toward the hub, better to be in a central area if he was going to be human, and unable to get around quickly. He passed by a few things that were much larger now that he was human sized than they normally seemed.]
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1st-Mar-2013 10:14 pm - [Video/Text]
[The video feed starts up to show Bumblebee’s concerned expression to everyone. A few moments later text is added to the post]

|This is Bumblebee, Autobot scout reporting. I was informed that I am back on a living Cybertron by the Acolyte when I woke. Could someone confirm or deny this information for me?

Before this change in location I was separated from a specific human, Sam Witwicky, if you know him or his whereabouts could you please let me know. Sam if you see this, please contact me, I want to make sure you are safe.

Bumblebee out.|
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