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13th-Mar-2013 07:50 pm - [Video]
[ Some of you may recognize Vandal. But something seems different. The fact that she's standing over her own house maybe. Her own... destroyed house. And that she's now a Cybertronian mech. She looks generally like she normally would wearing her RIG, but now she's got some extra kibble and a faceplate covering her mouth, visor glowing brightly. ]

CHECK THIS OUT! Holy crap! Finally a random happenstance in my favor!

Just look at this! This is damn incredible! I'm not sure what I turn into, but DAMN!

Oh man, I hope this lasts! Sorry for everyone who's kinda got the bum end of this deal, but wow. WOW.

... Definitely got stuck in my own trailer though. That thing is toast. But I DON'T EVEN CARE! I'M A CYBERTRONIAN!


[ She pumps a fist into the air and the feed cuts. ]
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15th-Feb-2013 07:52 pm - IT'S A DANCE! [Video]
[ Hey look! It's Saber and Vandal. They're sitting together, Vandal has a half-empty bottle of whiskey in hand, which she lifts to the screen. ]

So guys. Saber and I got to talking, and I don't know about you, but we are fucking sick of all this terrible shit happening.

Giant centipedes? Here's to you.

[ She takes a drink. ]

Anyways, we were thinking about putting together a formal dance? Like, a ask-someone-on-a-date dance sort of thing.

Anyways. We'll need a place to have it, we were thinking the Atrium if that's okay.

We'll also need some help.

Saber? The list, please?

[ Saber nods and reads off the list. ]

We'll need catering, two people to help decorate, a musician, a bouncer, and I am looking for two volunteers to help me watch over the event. This isn't expected to be a heavy responsibility, but one will need to keep out an eye for arising issues.

There will also be a requirement of at least one piece of formal wear. For everyone.

That means you Cybertronians. Find a bow-tie or hat or something!

We're aiming for a week from now, so uh. Yep. You heard it folks.

Better start trying to find a date!

[ End transmission. Vandal is in red text and Saber is in blue text. ]
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6th-Feb-2013 08:33 pm - [Video]
[ Oh look! It's the lady in the suit. She sounds pissed. ]

Can someone tell me what the fuck is going on? Something heavy fell on my head in the medbay storage room, knocked me the hell out and I don't know how fucking long I've even been passed out under a pile of boxes.

The hell is even going on here?!
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7th-Jan-2013 02:55 pm - [Video]
[ hey look everyone it's Vandal. And a turbofox. And a very, very fat cat. This is in fact perhaps the fattest cat you will ever see. It's more like a ball of lard with wee kitty-legs and eyes. And it looks. Pissed. ]

So. Did someone lose a cat? And more over, has anyone seen Magnus? Justice the fox kinda came chasing this guy in here, so he's probably missing his dad.

[ She holds up the cat, which practically oozes around her hands. ]


Uh. Yeah. As for the cat? If nobody claims him, I'm keeping him.

Say hello to Sir Pattyfatty McFleaface.


[ Holy shit this cat is pissed. ]
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21st-Dec-2012 01:22 pm - [Video]
[ Well look who it is, transmitting directly from her sickbed. She has a nice wrap of bandages around her head, covering what would have been her right eye. She frowns at the camera, at least she's looking more alert and rested. ]

Okay, motherfuckers. If my calendar is correct, it's only a few days 'till Christmas.

I know a couple of us humans and even some bots are helping decorate and that's fucking awesome but we need some damn festivities.

I need some volunteers for caroling. Obviously I'm not going to be able to go running around so you guys have to be willing to come to me so I can teach you some songs.

Drift, Wing, Perceptor. I expect you three to do it. If you don't I'll be pissed. Soundwave, I don't really imagine I have to threaten you to participate. Anyone else is welcome and encouraged.

[ Somebody's trying very hard to look and sound like everything is fine. Stiff upper lip. ]

Hey, Firstforged? I want some snow. Never really seen it up close and personal, but you can't convince me one of you can't whip up some industrial-sized snow-maker device. I believe in you.

I hope you all have been good while I was gone. Santa Claus is coming and all of that good stuff.
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17th-Nov-2012 10:08 pm - [Voice]
Hey guys, just a heads up.

I'm heading back home for a day, since the medical needs have come to a decent trickle, I am in desperate need of a decent night's sleep.

If anyone needs me, comm me or leave a message... or say it now. Because I am going to pass the fuck out for the next day or so.

Private to Drift/Wing. )
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31st-Oct-2012 02:19 pm - [Video]
[ So it looks like Vandal is making this call while traveling back to the medbay from the bar after the Calling ended. Her helmet is on and her voice is filtered through her modulator, but there is a tremble to it. ]

I just found First Aid.

He's dead.

I don't know how. I just found his body off the edge of this outcropping.

I can't fucking stand this place.

[ooc: with permission from First Aid's player!]
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23rd-Oct-2012 09:52 am - [Video]
[ Hey everyone, it's your favorite token human. She's not donned the suit today, and that's probably because she doesn't look so good. She's been losing weight since her arrival, but now it's really showing. She appears to not have slept in a week. ]

Hey guys. Sorry for kind of going MIA I just... had some shit to take care of.

So look um. A few points of interest here. First-

Does anyone wanna hang out? I mean just like. Drop by. If that's okay. I'm free all day.

And since... until we can find Ratchet, I need someone to teach me the ropes in the whole. Medical. Field. I'm nowhere near good enough to work without supervision.

[ She rakes a few strands of hair out of her eyes.]

On a last note, I know this is a weird question but... has anyone ever fallen out of love with someone? And if so, how did you do it?
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21st-Sep-2012 12:01 pm - [Voice] Trying Too Hard
So that's it then. Everything is back to "normal". As normal as this place gets and we're all left a little more fucked up than when we started.

Let's talk, humans, bears, Autobots, Decepticons. We're all people stuck here. Some of us want to be here, some of us don't...


I just want to hear something good.

It doesn't matter if we're friends or not. But I'd like to hear from you.

Have you made friends here?

Would you rather go home or stay? If you want to go home, what is it there that you miss?

What makes you happy?
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6th-Sep-2012 03:24 pm - [Video]
[So this entry is tagged 'party progress', but when the video comes on it's very obviously not.

Everyone know that strange "guy" with the modulated voice always wearing the suit? Well, say hello to Vandal. She's not wearing the suit today. No helmet, no courier text. Turns out she's just your typical female human. But she's... not looking so good.

Someone I-

Please. I don't feel right... I ca...

[Behind her, appears to be her little home, partially painted normally, but the paint job trails off into clusters of complex glyphs and symbols. The center looks like two pillars, spiraling up to two points, twisted like a helix.

Vandal is shaking, face coated in a fine layer of sweat.

I'm turning into one of those things, I need to stop it I need to-

[Her hand is lifted. Sure does look like a normal hand, but she holds it out as though it were some grotesque limb.]

It's starting already! Please god- it won't go away this time! Someone please.

I need to cut it off before it spreads!

[Someone is obviously hallucinating.]
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23rd-Aug-2012 09:52 am - [Voice] PSA and a Plan
Hey uh guys? Those "explosives" that Prism asshole was talking about?

All a fake. I opened Drift up and took a look and it turned out he was bluffing. I hope that's worth a little peace of mind or... whatever. From what I could see, it's just like a tag. Nothing intrusive. I couldn't remove it, but it's not dangerous.

On that note:

Teddie and I were kind of talking about having a party of sorts. Like kind of a karaoke-movie-drink-yourself-dumb extravaganza. I was thinking maybe when Casa De Vandal is finished I could host it there? I still have to fix everything, but I have most of the equipment.

Thoughts? Ideas? Can I get a 'Hell yeah'?
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7th-Aug-2012 01:31 pm - [Voice]
Vandal here.

I've been sifting through the junk pile and I found a few things of interest. A few hard drives, some music and films on them, haven't sorted through or formatted it yet, but if anyone's interested in some entertainment there's that.

Found some stuff I might be able to turn into a human-sized living space. Old mobile home. Kind of shitty, but a nice fat project to work on. But uh.

Can anyone help me haul this thing out? I mean, I got it dislodged, but my RIG only has so much moving power.

Also: Hey Max, you around? When are we going to do that whole drink until we can't stand thing?

Private to Ratchet )

Private to Perceptor )
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