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24th-Nov-2012 01:35 am - [video]
[Hello, everyone. Have a nervous looking redheaded human. Martha fiddles with the camera for a moment, looking between annoyed and concerned, so you get about fifteen seconds of her chest and worried frown. Sorry about that. Finally, satisfied, she turns to sit on the floor beside her bed; she fusses with her skirt for a moment, awkwardly trying to get her legs in order, before sitting pretty but obviously stiff. The bed is too high for her to scale at the moment.]

[Martha tries to smile, but it's forced and not very convincing. She's scared.]

O-Okay, so... I ruled out any cause for hallucination or dementia. What might have caused me to... [She opens her hands, closes them] Well, appear on this... alien planet. [Martha sounds a liiittle overwhelmed just saying those two words. So unbelievable.]

The, um... The acolytes, is that correct? The acolytes explained my current situation, um... How I got here. And why I have this um... [She shows the camera her glyph.] This marking. Apparently I'm... aligned? to one of the "Firstforged" here? Tri--Tri--Trionic? So, this is... normal? [she titters] Normal. Right.

The thing is, they didn't tell me why I'm here. Just that I essentially... fell through a wormhole in time and space. [Martha looks at the camera, imploring.] I just... I've tried just about everything I can with what I have on me to wake myself from a possible hallucination, and it's... It's not working. But this - this can't be seriously for real?

[She pushes a lock of hair behind her ear, rolls bottom lip between her teeth. Looks up.] The acolytes seemed clueless when I asked them about... about a man named Gregory House. Perhaps... Perhaps one of, um, you have heard or seen him? Or a man named Taub... Chase? Cuddy? Lord knows how Foreman would act if he was--if he was here. [Martha laughs again and actually snorts. Embarrassed, she quickly clears her throat and looks serious again.]

So, um, am I the only human on Cyborgtron? Oh! [surprised!] By the way, my name is Martha. Martha Masters.
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