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2nd-Jul-2013 07:42 pm - Spell 004 [Video/Action]
[Well hello people of the Cybertron, you’re likely use to random posts upon this network and even unintentional posts. So the sudden jostling and noise that shows this particular communicator is in a bag. A bag that is very care worn if the flashes of the outside that is seen as it moves is to be believed. The mystery is soon solved as the bag is dropped to the ground and the communicator manages to bounce out through one of the busted seams.

Despite the odd angle the view shows Flonne and Laharl out somewhere in the Junkyard and seeming to be readying to do something. Well at least Flonne is, considering she seems to be holding a wooden staff in such a way as if expecting an attack.]

Okay! Here I go then...Oh Lord protect me!

[At first it doesn’t seem like anything is actually happening until above her head a light forms and takes the shape of a volley of arrows that hang for a moment before shooting forwards, and towards a small pile that looks deliberately set up and hitting it and the area around it in a flash of light. Once one is able to see again there is a nice bit of damage done to said pile, and the steam and small scorch and dent marks in a cross shape upon the ground around the pile.

It’s not enough damage to make a giant robot worry if it does not hit a weak point or seam, but it certainly is not something anyone organic would want to get hit with. Though something seems wrong by the look of shock and disbelief on Flonne’s face.]

T-that didn’t work the way it’s suppose to work. Laharl! I didn’t know you could lose levels here. What do I do to get them back? Before I can’t use any magic again or it takes away my healing magic.

[Someone is panicking now.]
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10th-May-2013 12:09 am - [video]
[Here is Laharl and he looks pretty annoyed.]

Okay, who broke the seal on my arm?! It was shining with my brilliance as an Overlord before and now it's not!


I demand a new one.
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11th-Mar-2013 01:23 am - [video]
[It certainly looks like a ... well ... penguin on the screen. Only blue, and wearing a cloak, and he seems to have things sticking out of his head.

Lets not forget the red eyes and the bat wings behind him.

Either way he looks aggravated.


And it was rude too!
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22nd-Feb-2013 01:52 am - [video]
Greetings. Laharl here with an announcement.

As I do not have my vassals to deliver my message across this world, I have taken it upon myself to read it out loud to you.

[He does actually pull out a piece of paper which he starts to read.]

Dear all those who inhabit this place,
I, Laharl, propose a challenge to all those who inhabit this place.

It has occurred to me that there are many who could possibly claim the title as Supreme Overlord, so I propose this formal challenge:

Anyone who wishes to, may fight me for the title at stake.

Due to the festivities that will soon take place, I propose this challenge take place exactly one week from now.

The rules are as follows:

In exactly one week, I will be residing in the center of the haven. Anyone who wishes to fight me may meet me there.

The winner is whoever fully defeats the other.

Anyone who does not show up will be considered to have forfeited their right to the title, which means, of course, an automatic win for myself.

If I remain victorious throughout the entire day, I shall be declared ultimate winner and assume the title for all eternity.

Overlord Laharl

[He folds the piece of paper and stuffs it somewhere under his scarf.]

Thank you for your time.

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7th-Feb-2013 01:22 am - [video]
[Look! It's a kid! Sort of. He shakes the device and hopes it's broadcasting.]

First ...



However. The bugs are kinda interesting, so I'll only halfway kick your ass.


Since I've been told that I cannot leave, I have decided that I will simply ...

Take over this dimension and become its new overlord!

Ahahahaha ha ha!

[Seriously he does stand there and laugh like that.]

Anyone who wishes to may become my new vassals. Anyone who opposes can challenge me and lose.

The first order of business is ...

[He shifts to point at what is obviously Prima's temple in the background]

I am claiming this place as my new castle. The previous owner may engage me in a battle to the death if they wish. But I will not go easy on them!

If they are powerful enough ... or entertaining ... I may let them become my vassal as well. Otherwise we can just skip the whole thing all together and just declare me supreme Overlord Laharl, ruler of all universes!

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