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2nd-Aug-2014 01:32 am - END GAME Part Four: THE MAW
The view from the sky is - for lack of any other word - chaotic, with fully half the wide field of view dominated by either the vast orange spires or the maw-filled void of the Lambda. Small, flying shadow-drones cloud the area, traveling in swarms and converging on the attackers. To the First Forged, they are nothing more than an annoyance and - more importantly, a distraction to the swift Primes, who are apparently attempting to converge on the attacking world.

Both Prima and Vector flit through the air with ease, though even their sibling-leader cannot best Vector in his home domain of the sky. Where Vector dodges, distracts, and teleports his enemies - away, or even into each other - Prima carves, cleaving his way through groups of fiends, doggedly charging his way across the sky-bound battlefield.

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31st-Jul-2014 04:11 am - END GAME Part One: ARRIVAL
Your victory against the Zone, though hard-won, is brief. The resulting peace is broken by several things happening at once.

As though driven by spite at the Haven's refusal to bow down, the resurgence of the Lambda is sudden, vicious, and violent. The distant figures of the First Forged, tiny in comparison, make an appearance as they flit across the wounded sky, as they did before the Zone's eruption. But whatever they might be attempting, it is already too late.

The sky crackles with lightning and thunder, cast in the same sickly green glow of the Lambda. The crack in reality widens, surging, and the First Forged have to flee as lightning arcs wildly their way. The flash is so bright, it is impossible to see if any have been hit. The sky tears, audibly cracking across half the horizon. To anyone who happens to be glancing at the ground for some reason, rather than the giant rift in the sky: the shadows at the boundaries of the Haven grow darker despite the electric light in the sky, curls of inky darkness stretching out like living things across the ground. The void beyond the yawning, electric edges of the Lambda is becoming more visible: a dark nebula, cast further in shadow by a vast form.

And something

Is coming through

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29th-Aug-2012 08:45 pm - PRIORITY BROADCAST ‡ VIDEO
[so, did you forget your Links could have something labeled as 'Priority'? it's admin Firstforged only. either way, have a Prime.

have a Vector Prime, looking somber

Many of you have expressed the desire to create some sort of force to enforce a set of laws. I have been granted permission to speak on behalf of my fellows on this matter. While we will let you maintain it by long as you function within our Haven, we do have our own conditions which must be met for such a force to exist.

[he pauses a moment, golden optics blinking once, then continues]

First and foremost, whatever laws you intend on enforcing, we must approve.

Second, it has been agreed that we will not allow an authority over our Refugees, without one such in that authority. In other words, whatever force you create must have one Marked from each of our number. If a representative is missing, then you will not have the right to act against them.

[there's a glint in his optics. one that's...warning.]

I would not suggest attempting to enforce your laws without that right.

[another pause, and then that glint passes]

Thirdly, any punishment must be authorized by the Firstforged to whom the transgressor belongs. You may detain, but anything beyond that, we must approve.

Now...should these conditions be met, we are willing to offer some of our own Acolytes to assist you in your work. We are also willing to do our own part - to listen, and to act, when matters have been brought to our attention. And, if a matter comes that is too large for you to handle by yourselves - to take it in to our own hands.

I will be serving as the primary liaison to whatever force is created. [he straightens, a bit - which, considering he was already at full posture, is saying something] As such, I will expect contact by the group once its membership is finalized.

[a thin smile...and a tilt of the head]

I look forwards to it.

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8th-Jul-2012 04:42 pm - [Voice] [Priority Broadcast]
This is Vector Prime.

[this is Vector Prime sounding utterly serious, and somewhat...tense]

The Lambda has released another surge of energy, and with it a number of other beings. From what I can tell, these ones bear no Glyph, no Mark - I've already had to fight off a number on my own that proved hostile.

All Refugees who are unable or unwilling to fight, you must find shelter. Immediately. I was-... unable to stem the flow, and they have already reached the planet. It is only a matter of time before they begin their assault.

Brothers- I will do what I can, up here. The rest is up to you.


((OOC: This is it, guys - plot start. Have fun!))
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