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20th-Jun-2013 07:17 pm - [Video | Megatronus' Temple]
[Look at this gorgeous face that's come over the link. Isn't he just friendly looking?

Especially as he holds the head of an acolyte in his hand, the being's body crumple at his feet. He turns it over a bit, studying it, before a low growl escapes him and he allows it to drop, focusing on the link as his claws curl into a fist.]

I find myself at a loss as to how I have returned to Cybertron and how the planet itself has recovered from the state it was once in.

[Not that he's complaining of course.

The growled words melt into a satisfied sound as he scoops up the comm device, turning to start for the exit of his quarters.]

Decepticons, report. I want to know everything that has taken place here on this planet. And what still needs to be done to ensure Decepticon rule
projecticeman: (Peering stare)
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