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 [The video feed clicks on, as someone just now seemed to get their Link working. And it seems to interesting individual, although judging from the company that Cybertron seems to keep, it might not be all that out of the ordinary. There's a hand to it's...chin, as if he's thinking about something that clearly has his mind perplexed.  He'd just been in the air a few minutes ago. How did he end up...on the ground? Inside a building?

Maybe using this thing would help him figure out where he was. After all, he had to get back to Sternbild immediately. The acolytes proved to be less than helpful in their explanation. For all he knew, Cybertron was just another place. He took the information with a fuzzy head, and didn't consider any questions until right now.

Might as well make a good first impression! He throws up a salute, nodding towards the screen.]

Hello, citizens! My name is Sky High, the King of Heroes! It is an honor to meet you, however I do admit I require some assistance.  It seems I have crash-landed in what appears to be an unfamiliar surrounding!

[He sounds so...upbeat about that.]

I must return home as quickly as possible. Thank you! and again, thank you!
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