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18th-Aug-2012 04:35 pm - a wild polarbeardog appears [video]
[Korra is now joined by a large white creature in the background, curled up and napping.  It looks like a cross between a dog and a polar bear.]

Hey guys, has anyone else seen little critters to hunt and eat?  Naga just came through some Lambda-arctic-light-in-the-sky weirdness, and I need to rustle up some good meaty grub for her.

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 Ratchet, we've got an emergency!

There was this coded message, Gunmax said Drift's in trouble, he's gone to find him, but he needs you to prep the med bay!

[OOC: Picking up from here.]
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 Hey, Starscream?

You wanted to come by Megatronus' temple, right?
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2nd-Aug-2012 09:24 am - Delirium [Open to All]
 OOC: Given where I got super distracted from RP, it's been interesting coming up with an in-story reason for the absence....

[So Korra hadn't been completely honest with Gunmax about being fine.  Sure, she was fine at the time, she thought she'd been fine for good, that then she could leave the Junkpile...but that weird exhaustion overcame her again.  And the hazy perception of everything.  Not to mention visions--bright white light and Tarrlok and a Tarrlok without long hair (was that even Tarrlok, it looked like him) and Aang and mech tanks that grew eyes and mouths and Amon touching her forehead without inspiring any fear in her.  And then other visions were of friendly mushroom clouds and the rocks were singing.  The visions made her tremble or laugh, or receive no reaction from her as she passively let them wash over her.  She would cough, something wet pooling in her mouth while something metallic stirred her nose.  At least the girl weirdly felt no hunger or thirst.  She wasn't sure how many days had gone by without her trying to seek sustenance.  At least she managed to curl up underneath an outcropping of the Junkpile that seemed sturdy while her body acted so strangely.  She had trouble remembering precisely what happened before.  Buzzard wasps, monsters, Dinobot--]

[Eyes squinting in the daylight, Korra sluggishly worked her phone comm thingy.]

[Audio feed opens.  Korra's words are kinda long, slurred.]


[A hacking cough.]

Dinobot, are you all right?  Lost track of you....

[Another cough, then mostly silence, though broken by the occasional shift of a body, and quiet, haggard breathing.  The sound of something curling up.]

Aang, where are you?

[There's a new higher pitch to Korra's words.]


[Her slurred voice is sing-song and snippy.]

Come on, Aang, you're trying to say something, just say it.

[The sound of fingertips clacking against buttons.]

Maybe you're just not pressing the right thing....

[A sharp high laugh.]

I can't find it either....

[OOC: Permissions/additional plotting post here at]
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 In my world, I know it can make Satomobiles or cars and Satocycles and mopeds move...but that's it.

I never thought about what makes it up.

So...what's inside it?

And, huh, where does gas normally come from anyway?  I think it has to be put into vehicles, right?  So then it must come from somewhere else...?

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27th-Jun-2012 03:53 pm - WATER [Open to all players!]
(OOC: Let me know if I'm doing this wrong--like, if this is the incorrect format for this re-aligned comm or something, I know there's more than one, and I'm sorta a little confused on which is for which?  Anyway, here goes....)

Is this thing on?

[Korra lightly bangs at something, frowning--the screen shakes.  She gives a big exaggerated sigh, then continues.]

Okay, I heard there were some other humans like me out here, so given that, I wanted to ask if any of you guys have found water?  Like, any water at all, a pool, a river, even a freakin' flask of it?  And y'know, same question to anyone, Cybertronians or spirits or whatever--have you seen water?

[Korra blinked, then added in a rush.]

And in case there's anyone who doesn't realize, water's a big deal for humans like me, we need it to survive.

[Korra moves to turn off the screen.]

Okay, that's it, hopefully someone gets in touch with me about this--

[Korra stretched too far or too fast, because she flinches, irritating the wound on her back.  No way is she going to ask aloud for medical help.  If she can find water, she can heal herself, thank you very much.  But then the thought occurred to her--if there were other humans like her, were there like any other healers among them?  What if there...weren't?  A panicked expression suddenly flashes across Korra's face.]

Um, actually, quick head count--are there any human healers out there that can, y'know, heal...humans?

[Korra's expression distinctly reads without words, 'That sounded lame.']

Well, I'll, uh, raise my head first--or is it hand--?

[Korra shakes her head, raises a hand.]

Whatever, I can heal as long as I have water--it's a bending thing--uh, and that's a thing where I manipulate the water to like do whatever I want including heal the human body.  So if there's a human out there who's hurt and has water or can find water, you can come to me for help.

[Korra paused, trying to think of anything else to add.  She slowly shrugged.]

Okay, that's definitely it, um, bye, hope to see someone with info on water soon.

[End transmission.]
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