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26th-Feb-2014 10:41 am - Not so triumphant return [Audio]
Ca... ...nyone he... me?

[Megatron's voice waivers in and out, but otherwise is mostly discernible.]

I a... uns... I am.

Na...ion is ou...

Thi... ...s Me...tron, re...ting assi...ance.
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4th-Jan-2014 08:29 pm - [video]
[Megatron shows up on the video feed looking a little serious but not rushed or upset.]

So, I've been collecting data about some trends around here, and I thought that it would be good to bring my hypothesis to the community for those that want to work on it with me.

It seems to me that there are two outcomes for those that leave us to the Badlands. Either they seem to remain in the badlands, of whom we have had some return to us, who remember us though they don't remember their time in the badlands. Then there are those that show up here without memories of this place, through the Lambda, who we know have been here before. I considered once that maybe it was more minor difference alternate universes, but I don't believe so now. The data I've collected points me to believing that these are the same individuals, from the same universes as those we remember, but at some point, in returning back through the Lambda, they have forgotten about this Cybertron.

I can only make conjuncture that this Cybertron is forgotten when these individuals return to their homes through the Lambda before being brought back here.

I have no proof of a reasoning why this would happen, or why only some seem to return home through the Lambda while others remain in the Badlands, but this is my current theory. I would greatly appreciate any and all who wish to  discuss this with me to do so.

I thought I would share this to all of Haven, as there is no telling where insight might come from. That is all I have, thank you for your time.
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21st-Sep-2013 06:56 pm - [Video/text]
Hello Haven.

I know it's been a bit since I last spoke of my idea of starting up a school, but I feel that I finally have a good schedule set up, which I will add in to this. I would like people to let me know if the schedule doesn't work for them, or if there is something they would like to see on a different day in the future.

Thank you everyone for your support so far, and I hope this continues to go well for us. Also if you are interested in taking up a subject or even just providing an explanation and history of your unique universe for those who attend please let me know.
Class Schedule
Location: Alpha Trion's Temple

Monday: Basic Mathmatics and Economy Taught by Megatron (alternate polarity)
Tuesday: Cybertronian Health and Emergency Aid Taught by Knock Out
Wednesday: Astrobiology Taught by Skyfire
Thursday: Human/Organic Health and Emergency Aid Taught by Dr. McCoy
Friday: Various world histories Taught by Variable
Saturday: Survival and Exploration Basics Taught by Skyfire
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21st-Feb-2013 11:09 pm - [Video]
Greetings to my fellow refugees, and I request any First Forged who comes across this to grant me a small bit of time.

I have been considering what I can do to help improve this Cybertron and I have come to the decision that I should return to my origins to do so. In other words I am hoping to start teaching once again. While I taught Mathematics previously I feel that a more general approach may be more beneficial here.

To the First Forged, until a building is constructed to house whoever becomes a student during their time learning, might I use a sizable room in one of your temples to hold these classes?

Unless I am mistaken there are both mechanoids and organics who are in need of various points of learning, I do hope that this will be taken at value for you all. It is my hope to gather some more specialist individuals to cover the basics of each race and hopefully basic field medicine that any of them may need, regardless of difference in race from the helper. That said if there are any medics or individuals of any particular race willing to specialize for this I would be grateful for your assistance.

Ravage, unless I am mistaken you are still in need of some education, if that is correct I hope to see you there.

Until we have a location in a building to use it is my intention to hold open classes not far from the Hub building.

To those who do buildings, if I could request a building for schooling be built once there is time I would greatly appreciate it. It need not be anything overly extravagant, the primary concern being enough room and accommodations for a variety of species to work together in. At this time I don't foresee it needing to be more than one room, but perhaps with the ability to be added on to in the future should the need arise would be a good idea.

Once I know if I have any individuals willing to help share education on the various races, and even universes, that we have present here then I will draft up a class list so that people may know when the classes will be happening.
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This is Megatron, is there a chance I could get some assistance?

[He chooses not to put the post on video, instead trying to keep everything about himself calm, hoping that no one panics over this.]


I need to let you know that there is an organic out here that could potentially be quite dangerous. I believe she is frightened and acting out of fear, but she was able to sever a number of lines in my knee as well as score the metal reasonably deep.

She looks to be a young woman with darker skin and brown hair. She had blades that extend from her hand.

I have reason to believe my size was a contribution to frightening her, so I would suggest approach toward her come from smaller bots, or possibly even other organics. At this time I doubt she hurt me out of malice but a sense of self defense so I do not wish to see her treated as a criminal, I am more concerned for her safety.
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Starscream, I was wondering if you had a moment to talk.

[He sounds somewhat unsure, though the particular reason isn't glaringly obvious in the little he says.]
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6th-Oct-2012 08:14 pm - [Video]
[The video turns to show the strange Megatron who is in residence here.]

After some consideration I have decided that this is probably the best course of action to take. I have a couple matters to put forth for your consideration.

First, I have not yet properly introduced myself over the link and I feel it is time I do so. My name is Megatron, I come from the same universe as Soundwave who arrived here before me. I would like to assure you that I understand the difference in my personality from what many of the other Cybertronians here have come to expect of someone with my name. Keeping this in mind I wish to assure everyone that I am a peaceful individual.

My second matter is I wish to inform everyone that if anyone needs someone to speak to concerning their own safety or other's they may come to me. I am aware of the police force we have developing here and have the greatest respect for all those involved. I also recognize that there are times when going to such individuals is not an option for various reasons, it is due to this that I am making myself available to anyone who feels a need for it. I will not allow the originating faction of any individual to alter how I assist any one, and I am not restricting any organics either, all are welcome to come to me and be taken care of.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

[Locked: Blurr]

I hope this does not offend you in any way. I did not wish to over step anyone but I am aware that some people do not feel secure going to the law, perhaps because the feel they will not be considered fully due to a personal history. I wish things did not go in such a way, but it does tend to be a factor in societies that have laws. Of course I will contact you or the police force if there is a direct need to, but not having it be a looming factor may be beneficial to some.
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3rd-Aug-2012 08:54 pm - [Audio]
Alright, I think I understand what was explained to me, while it sounds different from what happened to Cliffjumper in some ways, it also sounds similar.

Greetings friends, I am searching for those who might know me, Decepticons most likely. If there is anyone here who recognizes my voice, please contact me here.

Beyond that I am curious if there is other information that is prudent to know. Beyond that which I was briefed on when I awoke. Is my lack of memory for arriving here standard for everyone, or could there be a potential for damage?

[With his searching done as much as he could without leaving, and his most important question asked he waits patiently for a response.]

((OOC note: Open to action for those who would be at Prima's temple, just let me know, thanks <3))
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