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28th-Mar-2014 12:59 am - [video] backdated to several days ago
[Starscream appears on the screen but he looks very distraught and ... for lack of a better wording ... terrified. Which is very unusual for someone like him.]

Where are they?! I know they're out there! They are coming ...

Who ... Which one of you did it?! Megatron?!

No ... what if ...

[They are on the network?!]

[And just like that he abruptly hangs up]
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[The video starts with Megatron. For this pronouncement, he has chosen a centralized location: The junk-pile, overlooking the Hub community center. He’s had something in mind since Elita made her inquiry a short while ago, and now seems as good a time as ever.]

The Firstforged have left.

They have made it clear that their own priority is to prepare this planet for Primus, which leaves the defense and planning of the Haven to us. If there will ever be a chance of getting home, it is in our hands.

It is time for us to begin building our own lives here.

I invite any who wish to discuss our future to join me at the Hub in one hour to--

Another speech, Lord Megatron? I’d say I’m surprised, but well … I’m not.

[The image of none other than Starscream pops up on the screen as Megatron’s own transmission is hijacked. Starscream’s image appears off to the side like the annoying commentary Megatron never wanted.]

So what lies will you be spreading to the public today?

[It takes Megatron a moment to recover, realizing that his transmission suddenly has an unwelcome guest.]

Starscream. If you want to come hear these supposed ‘lies’ then you know where to find me. It’s time we had someone capable of making speeches, after all.

[Starscream erupts into laughter.]

I will give you that one. You always did know how to talk big and draw a crowd. I remember being at the rallies. Little did we know just how deep your twisted viewpoints went back then.

My twisted viewpoints? [Megatron scoffs, unimpressed.] Of the two of us, it should be obvious who has the best interests of the Haven at heart...and who is merely making a grab for power. Tell, me, what have you done to make this world--or any other--better?

I’m not the one who preaches about a new world order when all you really want is to recondition everyone to be tools for you own amusement. No matter what you claim, you never had anyone’s best interests in mind. I know that for a fact.

[Megatron’s growl is dark, turning in the video to face the image of Starscream next to him.]

Then come prove it.

[Starscream matches Megatron's gaze with a smirk]


[He disconnects.]

[[OOC: Anyone is free to reply! Starscream and Megatron will both be responding to tags, which can be network or action. Those who show up to see what is happening will find a Starscream--coated completely in gold--fighting Megatron.]]
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14th-Nov-2013 12:04 am - [video]
So is everyone through being crazy yet?
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20th-Jun-2013 10:57 pm - [Video]
[The video opens with Starscream, sitting and looking rather calm and hopefully not as smug as he was probably feeling.]

Old habits never die, do they?

Death, torture, conspiracies ... ideas a lot of us remember from our own universes. Many of us have been fighting and killing one another for millions of years, and it really is hard to stop, isn't it?

Hard to let go of the hate, the anger. Just forgive and forget? Too simple. We can't stop remembering -- the pain, distrust, loss, the way our conflicts have ripped planets apart. We may cease for a little while, but then it starts right back up again ... like an endless cycle.

You've already seen the speech from Megatron, and was inpsiring, wasn't it? I'll never deny that Megatron was a great speaker, it's why a lot of us originally joined him -- a version of him, anyway. I remember the rallies and crowds drawn to hear them.

But I also remember the planet being ripped apart by our endless bloodshed.

Are we going to destroy this planet too?

We need to band together and work towards a new future -- for all of us. But for a unified government, we need a leader, elected not through false promises or force but because it's what we all want.

I will officially make this my statement of running for Overseer. This election will be open to everyone to be involved. As I know some of your feelings towards who or what I am, I welcome anyone else to run as well, just as long you do not insist on destroying this planet from the inside.

That's all I ask.

[Look Megatron, he can do speeches too. He learned well.]
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24th-Jan-2013 02:37 am - [video] back-dated to a few days ago
[ooc: This takes place sometime during/after this]

[The video shows Starscream who is trying very hard to focus and most likely failing. He's in one of the Energon pools and looks rather inebriated. Probably because he is.]

If you have not come down here, you should because it is nice. Like nice things are nice. And everyone should experience nice things.

[He nods. And now for some private messages to a few people he thought was a good idea to contact at the time.]

Private messages to: Elita, Wheeljack, Jetfire, Frenzy, Miko, Wing, BayShockwave, and TFPShockwave )
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2nd-Jan-2013 01:55 pm - [video]
Anyone seen a loser white and red idiot around?

And I don't mean the happy space hippy. The other one.


Also Lego - Liege - whatever, I'm going to take a wild guess that you have something to do with this.

[After all Jetfire did originally say he was going to get modifications from Liege.]
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21st-Dec-2012 10:55 pm - [Video]
I need a list of human consumables. Preferably whatever they are made out of as well.

[Private to Jetfire]
I need you to come up with a way to synthesize organic foods. If I do it, I'm poisoning them all.

[Agree to something nice. Make Jetfire do it. Best plan.]
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21st-Oct-2012 11:54 pm - [video]
[look Starscream is smirking as usual.]

I know some of you have been doing recon missions around the planet and taking notes, anyone care to share their map data?

I figure it'd be quicker than mapping everything out myself.

[Private to Kay] )
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9th-Oct-2012 12:24 pm - [video]
First, let me just remind all of you that whatever is being said about me is probably not true.

Jetfire is making stuff up again.

Don't listen to him.


Anyway --

Also I'm on the law committee now. Isn't that great?

[He's totally smirking with that last part.]
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21st-Sep-2012 06:09 pm - [video]
Too bad everything went back to normal. I was rather enjoying myself.

Though, I could have done without a few of you acting more freakish than usual.

I hope everyone has learned a valuable lesson though: Wing and Blurr would make terrible Decepticons.
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For those who have the misfortune of not knowing who I am -- my name is Commander Starscream.

All Decepticons will report to me as I am rightfully your leader.

Any Autobots who wish to jump ship from the losing side are also welcome to my brigade.

Everyone else -- well, lets just hope you come to your senses in good time.
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