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8th-Apr-2014 10:26 pm - 3rd Roundup [Video]
Well....I've looked everywhere I can ta find Rarity. She really is gone.

[There's a soft sigh as the pony paws at the ground with a foreleg.]

Does anypony know where I might be able ta try and grow somethings? I ran an apple farm back home and I'm good at makin' things grow. I'd like ta try and see what I can do here.
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20th-Mar-2014 10:11 pm - 2nd Roundup [Video]
[Applejack is not a very happy pony. She looks rather concerned, but not like she did when she first arrived.]

Has anypony seen Rarity? I've been spendin' these last few days tryin' ta find her and I just can't.

[She sighs as she sits, her hat falling in her eyes for a moment before she fixes it.]

Somepony's got ta know where in the hey she is.

She ain't the kinda pony ta pull pranks either.
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7th-Mar-2014 09:56 pm - 1st Roundup [Video]
[The video feed comes on, and guess who happens to be peering down at the Link. How in the world did an Earth Pony manage to get a video feed up? It took a lot of work. Really. It did.]

Is this thing runnin'? I ain't sure...

[She squints a bit and leans a bit closer and then shrugs as much as a pony can. She's not her usual cheerful self, but who would be after a wake up like that?]

Well, anyway. Th'name's Applejack. I just woke up in this here temple. Even after talkin' with that there...acolyte? I still ain't sure what in the hey is goin' on here.

Can anyone tell me if there are any other ponies here? I'm concerned about my friends.
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