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7th-Sep-2013 10:50 am - [text] Track 10 remix
So after some review the vote on if we should continue with the process of electing an Overseer will be extended another 3 days, to make time for those who gave the greatest sacrifices to apprehend the recent suspects.

Please remember to vote for if we should continue with the efforts to elect an Overseer for Haven's community.

Again, locked comments for votes to provide blind voting.

Yes to continue with electing an Overseer, no to end the efforts to elect an Overseer.

Thank you.
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1st-Sep-2013 06:10 pm - [text] Track 10
This is an official vote, please respond.

In order to determine people's interest in having the position of Overseer we are holding a vote of the people.

Please respond in a locked format, as this is closed voting.

If you have a reasoning you would like to make public feel free to respond with such here, but do not vote publicly.

If you want to continue with the process of establishing the position of Overseer please vote Yes.

If you do not want to continue with the process of establishing the position of Overseer please vote No.

The voting will close in seven days, by the comm device internal clock, please respond by then to have your vote counted.
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25th-Aug-2013 09:31 pm - [action/video] Track 09
[Miko had found that searching for things amid the junk was oddly soothing, something she could do to keep herself busy, and keep her mind off things like worrying about Jack, and Raf, and Arcee, and Smokescreen.

She had been moving through an area that had grown in amount of stuff just recently, and paused when she saw something strange. It was a short panel of metal, but it seemed like it had a hand hole in it, when she glanced inside she saw some buttons and a lever of some sort. A bit of pushing around on the stuff reveled another hole, the same style about shoulder length from the first. After a quick look around for anything dangerous in the holes as well as around the piece she slid one hand into a hole and paused.

When nothing happened she slid her other hand into the corresponding hole and still nothing happened. That was alright, but she felt like she should be piloting something with the way the hand holes worked and started to mimic the idea. She made her own sound effects and even did some bad impressions of military commanders from scifi movies with giant robot suits, and at her own played command to launch she pressed a button with her pointer finger.

Suddenly there wasn't 'nothing' happening, in fact there was a lot happening. The metal span segmented to wrap around her to and easier position, links of casing covering her hands and arms up to mid forearm. While that happened the area around her shifted, showing that there was more to the piece than just the metal span, coming up to surround her and raise her up off the ground. As it brought her up, a harness slipping around her for safety, the base shifted into a covering like on her hands, to hold her feet. Once it was done changing, which really only took moments, she found that she was looking out of a dome about the height up that she would be on Bulkhead's shoulder.]


[She was at a loss for words for a moment but as she checked out what the metal slab had become she realized she was in a robotic suit about the size of her guardian, and that the coverings on her hands and feet allowed her to manipulate the thing. She had to show this off. Not thinking she went to reach for her comm device and found that the metal covering pulled away to let her hand out so she could grab it from her pocket. She quickly set it up for video and smiled at the camera.]

Hey guys, I found a neat thing in the Junk Pile, this could be super useful at some point.

[As she spoke she turned the camera so that people could see the inside of the robotic suit.]

Now if only I could find a way to hook this up to it.. so that I can be 'hands free'.
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[Miko looks a little bit worn out, but not that much worse for the wear, from the trip, and she seems to be proud of something at least.]

Hey, I'm back. I even brought something neat back with me, but it may have to be tested... to find out what it is.

[Locked to Team Prime]
Hey... um... I was going to send you guys a message to let you know I decided to go with Wing, and Drift and some of the others, but... when I was going to I couldn't get any reception. I'm sorry for not at least leaving a note. I made sure to stay out of the way of anything dangerous as much as possible...

[She does look genuinely sorry, the pride from before having drained away to show her looking very humbled.]

It was... harder to go alone than I thought it was going to be too... so I won't be doing that again.

[Locked to Nexus Prime]
So... I found this jar of stuff... well found is not quite the right way to put it... I... took it off one of the things that attacked us, while the others distracted them. I thought maybe either you or one of the others might want to figure out what the stuff is. I will see if I can put some in a container for you, if you want.

[As she talks she shows the jar of stuff she had gotten, holding it close, but carefully, not yet opened nor tested on anything.]
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24th-Apr-2013 10:47 pm - [Video] Track 07
[The video boots up to show Miko sitting relaxed on a berth.]

Hey, I thought about this, and I think it's only fair that I get the chance to explain to the people who are expected to vote about keeping me on the committee or not about me and why I applied.

For those that don't know I'm Miko. On my Earth I was living in America as an exchange student. What this means for those who don't know about it is I don't come from America, one of the countries on my Earth, I come from Japan, I was staying in America to learn about a different country and way of living. To get over there I had to do a lot of paperwork and learn a lot of things about why I had to do some stuff and couldn't do other things.

My parents wanted me to go to a different town than I went to so I had to do most of the stuff myself, no help from my family and only a little help from the office people where I had to turn in my information.

[She sits up a bit, looking a little more respectable.]

I may not be an adult my human standards, and I may have a lot of growing left to do, but that doesn't mean I'm not worth hearing just because I'm not there yet. I shouldn't have any less of a voice here than any one else, regardless of my age.

Honestly humans never stop growing, even adults are learning and changing, improving all of the time. I know I'm not an adult, and I know I may have crazy ideas or say things that aren't always smart, but I'm willing to admit it when it happens. I don't think I'm a grown up for being on the committee, I just think I'm getting the chance to help the place I'm living in.

There are probably some who won't think any different about me even with this, and there may be some who do, I can't make anyone do anything, but I'm asking you to give me a chance to prove that while I may not be an adult yet, I can still do powerful things.
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[The video shows Miko, dressed in her Christmas gift of a punk rock dress and with a liberal amount of glitter stuck to her skin and hair, some of it having fallen onto her new dress. She also has her guitar in hand and grins at the camera before starting in on a song.]

[When the song ends she takes a moment before grinning cheekily at the camera.]

Hey everyone, got my Christmas present and an extra surprise, thought I would share.
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7th-Nov-2012 03:16 pm - Track 5 [Action]
[Miko slipped away from the hustle and bustle of the party at the bar, finally having hit a point where she couldn't hide her upset feelings. She made her way over to the junk pile and hid behind a few of the mounds where they were tall enough to hide her from anyone just walking by.

There she sat down and curled in on herself, starting to cry quietly. There were many things for her to be happy about, but all the stresses, of being away from home, having such a hard time with food, everything about Bulkhead's injury and losing Wheeljack had piled on top of itself and she couldn't keep it all in.

She tried to keep quiet but there was little chance that she would be able to stop crying now that she had started. There were tears running down her face and she knew anyone who just looked at her would know..]

(OOC: Feel free to have your character notice her leaving the party or wandering across her after a little while. Action is open to all (we can fudge time lines a little xD)
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4th-Oct-2012 01:45 pm - Track 4 [Action/Audio]
[Miko slowly came awake, her eyes blinking open to take in the room she was in before she went to turn over and go back to resting. Sudden her eyes opened once more, wide awake and she sat up with a jolt, her hand smacking down on her communicator and activating the audio post function.]

Wh-what, where... no.

[Confusion and dawning horror of realization could be seen on the girl's face and heard in her voice as it became thick with barely suppressed distress.]

Bulkhead? BLUKHEAD?!

[Her shout was pained and heart wrenching, followed by the sound of a cut off sob, her hands moving to cover her mouth, quieting the sounds of her upset, as she curled in on herself, not bothering to move from where she had been sleeping not long before.]
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[The video turns on to show Miko as she tries to smother a yawn. She didn't look particularly well rested either. She gives a little embarrassed look followed by a smile.]

Hey guys, I found something super cool in the junk pile, and it took me all day to dig it out, but I've got it now.

[Her voice even sounds a bit tired, though the focus shifts off of her as she turns the com to show a drum set that had been roughed up a little, but was all there.]

I was wondering if any one know how to [Her question was broken with the sound of a yawn.] play?

[The video shifts strangely the sound of a heavy thump and the clatter of the com on the ground coming over the line. When the video settles out Miko looks like she, quite literally, fell asleep where she was, just to the side of the junk pile, curled up on the ground as if it were a bed.]

((OOC Note: Miko has been approved for a canon update and so won't be waking up to people's voices or even if they come to her to check on her. An acolyte of Nexus Prime will be taking her back to where she woke up in the temple. People are free to react to the post over the link or in person. Miko will be waking up in a few days.))
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23rd-Aug-2012 11:58 pm - Track 2 [Video]
[The video stars up fairly fuzzy, and though Miko is there she is mostly discernible as a fleshy colored shape with some black and pink shapes that are too accurate not to be her hair on to. Like wise the audio is unclear and tends to have dead air.]


... misak...

... too fa...

[The whole thing dissolves into snow, static sound included before the video returns, sharp and clear, as well as full audio.]

I don't know how to get back from here. Can someone help me?

[Unfortunately the good signal doesn't last and the video fades a bit again and the audio begins to skip a bit once more.]

...atchet, Wheelja...

... sorr...

...etting lost.

((OOC Note, anyone can respond and search for Miko, but Wheeljack will be the one to find her. She will be able to do some responding but like the post itself, the quality will vary at times. Thanks for understanding <3.))
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[The video feed comes on to show Miko, a human girl with pink and black hair, sitting in a sprawled out manner. She has a lazy, self satisfied smirk in place and has a guitar case propped up next to her, while she leans back against an amp.]

So, I'm on Cybertron, and not just any Cybertron, a new one just being built. This rocks.

And not having to deal with some dorky space suit, total bonus.

Well I'm Miko, and I'm looking to see if there is anyone here that I know. Course I am totally up for meeting new people too!

[She pauses for a moment like she is going to shut off the communicator before she looks back up, an almost blank expression on her face, only a little bit of sadness showing through.]

Bulkhead, if you are here get a hold of me right away, okay?
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